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    You know, there is such a proverb: "Don't judge others by themselves".

    Obviously, any accuse with evidence send to game moderator. So, there are only thoughts, how writers would have acted. Nice, that all gathered are equal.
    Paradoxically, but still Travian is a fair play

    just a question that is not related to the rules: does it make any difference for you to win with the help of multies or friends playing on technical accounts? from a moral point of view

    seems, now the dependence of registered players on time is in demand. i can't find such graph on gettertools, anyone knows where is such data?
    And it would be fun to display on the map those registered for a certain period

    I am personally surprised that so few use those accounts to open regions. Let's see what will happen next

    Let's make predictions here!
    The main question is who will be the winner (if this is the question for us ;)), but small predictions are also valuable.

    There was no update for any server today, to the best of my knowledge. The disaster has nothing to do with administration fixing something. The problem happened at the same time on most if not all worlds of all domains. It has nothing to do with fighting multies on particular server.

    Well, can I dream at least a day about my personal region? when only few crystal clear players (like me) remain and we together build a bright future

    What are you implying? Isn't a rollback to restore everything in exact the same order as it was?

    at first, the administration fixed some kind of problem with multis (and poor natars were removed). The question is what layer of multis was opened. :)

    Looks to me like Web got beaten in their own game?

    Any comments on that?

    Are you sure that it is not Web?
    o, look, they have lost regions and now they have only two. is it consequence of buying by heather additional accs from COM. Or somebody has interesting reports? )

    you can find it bellow

    as well at the bottom of this page ("REWORK RULE 1.1")
    Legends on Tour 2019 Summit - Workshop Minutes

    Thank you, but i've already read it, because it was several pages ago here. But if i were a player, who doesn't read forum so much, i would limit myself just to pressing a button with a question right from the game. And i would open a link with wrong information:
    And after that i would think that all tops players are cheaters. And i would become a cheater too or leave the game.

    P.S. may be this link has some information about cancelation § 1.1 or i should have read this when registering on this server, but due to bad English, I personally missed this, then there is no problem.

    Anyway, regarding Codex Victoria: 1.1 has been changed and "play for own benefit" is not regulated now. So any count of accounts now can play for your benefit, the only rule is - u cant do it yourself (multi), but all your friends and family can now support u. That was not players decision, that decision was made by TG. And honestly i still have no idea why players are discussing it between each other but not with TG. Why dont you ask TG to make more clarification or make a change?

    does it confuse only me? that the rules, which are opened from the game, still have such string:
    "§ 1.1 Each player may only own and play one account per game world. An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned."

    I beleive, that it has been changed, but ...

    Well, I promised a tale of danger and suspense days ago...and as it looks like the players involved realy have deleted I suppose now is as good as ever!

    Nice story. really smart guys. And you of course did everything possible to patch this hole in the game?

    Since this thread is already boiling hot with toxicity and false accusations, maybe let's add more into this tasty pot of meatballs and talk about Heathens buying accounts from COM to get Epidaurum ?

    wow! i like this infomation. they sold by whole accs. it can pull another 10 pages :)

    i just don't quite understand is the Path To Pandora and Codex Victoria the same or not.


    again you mix yourself up as a person who is a member of the clan, and your account on specific server.
    when you create new account and doesn't have plans to join to some ally, this acc is not a part of this ally (despite other servers). so if you help them only for benefits on other server, it's violation the rule "An account must always be played for its own benefit."
    May be this rule has been changed as Kazah said, then you was right and everthing is ok :)

    The rule has been changed. If the account is not a multi it can be played for benefit of another account, thats damn logical, cause i can do what ever with my account, this rule was stupid from vry beginning. Tg is lazy to change the rule on their website, that does not mean its not been changed. You wont see any ban for that on celebration servers.

    interesting link, if it covers codex victoria, than we have different rules on different links. admin should say his word.

    Ho tell you that im not doing to my benefit?

    Now i do that for the the future they can do the same for me in servers they whont gone play for real...

    So i think i get some benefit of that writhe?:P

    you are not equal your account. you have benefit, but account doesn's have. Actually, if you don't write here about your aim on this server, you would tell that you try to win, but changed your mind and quit. but now you created evedence of rule violations.