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    You are right

    Thats what i told them several times But they are too kind that any iranian player who requests to join they would accept it

    One organized alliance is better than huge meta

    Thats what gunners did and realy went well for them

    i wish next server we can have a great alliance and team from Iranian players its always our honour:)

    The Iranian leaders had a lot of problems and mistakes, and their biggest problem was that they wanted to unite with everyone, and that's a big mistake . When 300 people unite on the sidelines, especially a group of weak players, this will also destroy the farm and weaken others. 60 strong players are better than 300 weak players Here's the point.

    Their only problem is that they should not be timid and should not be afraid and stand on their feet .In this case, we will see a strong Iranian alliance, not a few players leaving the middle of the game server.

    I was the leader of Iranian Alliance but didn't enjoy the game and quit the tournament due to internet and server failure.

    Goodluck in ts2 i hope you enjoy game and i know we have another persians in server but they are now in part of other alliance not persian alliance;)

    Lot of domains were closed down due to lack of players or not enough gold being bought.

    i can get domain and bring my team .ir Domain always had lot of players but idk why the closed and its not for gold or money

    if you see there is no persian language and players cant speak farsi in game =))

    From my experience, silver reward from adventure give us around 500-600 silver (CMIIW). While on some server might gave us some ointments or cage, on others it might mean nothing to player. Silver value also changing according to needs of player and age of the server. So I'd like to suggest rather than random value, give it some algorithm that calculate silver reward according to current auction situation. For example, lets say the baseline is 5 ointments, the reward can be average price of 5 ointments sold last 24 hours, the number is still tentative but it gives the idea.

    Thanks :)

    I agree with you and I think the current algorithm is irrational and I hope they think about it.

    Keep well, you represent a great country of players, well respected as being terrible as a enemy and great as a friend.

    Persian Team before that had .ir domain but i don't know why .ir domain closed.

    All the persian players have problem with payment and gold purchase and language and ...

    but no one hear persian players:(

    I think I am last survivor of persian team in ts2 server Cause Other players Deleted their account . always internet problem will ruin game

    Take Care Big men cause you are solo and they will chief your capital too:D

    Join an alliance without alliance you don't see end of server ^^

    Was a major set back, down time for the Iranians really hammered in the final nail with no chance of fighting a prolonged war with Gunners after that.

    Pushing for greater diplomacy would have helped Gunners numbers more too. It Can still be very troublesome with players fighting over the same territory and difficult to work out the finer details of diplomacy unless leaders from both major teams can totally see eye to eye.

    Avoiding another major team in quad early may be a safer bet for the persians Imo, unless your very confident of being able to dominate the quad to establish a solid footing.

    You right but Iran now is not good for eye to eye leader meeting and when we Send massage to Gunners leader they dont answer to us but later when we attack players of gunners they talk to us :)

    its not illegal in Travian ? i think all the Second wave apps are Cheating:mmm:

    PABKING was on persian Team but when persian team deleted their account PABKING play with Gunners but i think we should do Confederacy in first of game with gunners our war was so back for Side