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The applications for the 🔥 Legends on Tour 2020 - Summit 🔥 are open.

If you think you would be a good fit to represent one of these communities Anglosphere, Balkans, France, Germany, International COM, Italy, Lusobrasilero or Russia, read all the details and submit your application.

➡️ More information here ⬅️

If your community is not between the selected one, but you still want to provide your input for the event, feel free to visit and participate in the discussion on the International forum.

    Nice defending :D

    how you buy gold from Iran?

    I have sponser from other country and many friends will purchase gold for me and sometimes with voucher or events :D i got 600 gold with voucher and item sell in first month of game :asd:

    Oh man i think travian is changing :(

    God will help Gunners:asd:

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question for you. In the upcoming 5x servers (15th of January) when you conquer a village, will the buildings remain even if the attacked player has a different tribe? For example I conquer, as Teutons, an Egyptian village. Will the waterworks stay in the village, granting the oasis bonus, or it automatically disappears?

    No it will destroyed