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    STOP changing facts and claiming to be the honorable

    You are accusing us of not having tactics and only play with cash. Okay, did you forget the 100+ workers you have with monthly salaries to make multies and tech accounts for your WW hammers?. Did you forget that your so-called Pharaoh (Omaross) sent MM to multiple Arabian servers to ask players to make tech accounts in exchange for 600 gold?.

    When you bring 100+ people who play only for the money, and you don't know their background, then expect that some of them would be spies :D.

    The attacks that happened against Ibn batota were normal attacks. We did not hack his account or even his parking account. Peace of advice, don't let players you don't trust or know if they are either spies or not play near you.

    I see you are praising your leaders and say that we don't keep our words LOL. Did you forget what happened 2 years ago when these 2 great leaders of yours took control of WW and leadership? They ran and deleted their accounts and left all the players that were counting on them after PRIME settled near WW.

    You say that there were some points of disagreements between us before the server that's true but you did forget to mention the most important part. We always sit together on Discord and discuss our strategies and tactics but your great leader wanted things to be his way and not caring about 7 other teams' opinions. In addition, our relations ended when your great leader M..G..M swore and cursed other leaders because they disagreed with him. You expect us to play with someone who doesn't respect anyone and doesn't care about anyone but himself?

    Let me remind you that even though we had these "disagreements", we still did not break our word and helped your Italian leaders to win the qualification after attacking all of their WW enemies. I almost forgot! ask your Italian leaders who did not agree to cooperate and refused to use his WW hammer! oh yes it was Omaross's player GENERAL. Only because he was so jealous of our WW hammers and needed more time to train to get a higher number and brag about it :D

    Again, don't forget who did not respect the agreement to not attack each other last year. When Omaross's WW that was with Revenge was kept zero by Russians they didn't move their big WW hammers against Russians instead they attacked us because they wanted us to lose too. Although, we had many opportunities to take artefacts, etc but we didn't want to attack other Arabs. I think you should learn more about your leaders' history and not just post whatever they ask you to do.

    So, don't come now and pretend to be honorable and twist facts just so you would look good.

    For your information, your leader M..G..M used to play with us last year and he was one of the people voting NO for Omaross to take leadership because of his unacceptable behavior and control issues. However, after he was offered to take WW in his team, he went quickly with Omaross. Also, last year all Arab teams were agreeing on a strategy and a leader but as always Omaross was the one who did not agree and because he was outvoted by all other leaders he decided to play his own way and not care about other teams AGAIN!.

    I am happy to play with you and our experience is great because you are an alliance worthy of respect


    They are talking about this player



    Plz stop b.....g about it. We all know that everyone “cheats” according to your methods including you. How did build all that deff and off armies with out getting resources one way or another. I guess Emric way with the “technical “ account. We see them the same as multis. I believe since you spent money effort and time I have the right to do whaterve in Thisbe game. You are the biggest hypocrite in This game. If your claims are right i do not think this game is for you. Everyone use multis for diff and farm. Look for another game that suits you.

    By the way no harm in killing my troops for off or diff I made them I use them the way I like in this game.i can not take my deff with me home after the game is done

    Is this a sense or what I wish you to focus on your games and do not interfere in the shaun of others

    Congratulation for big action

    Why do you attack neworder, Are they allied of uollas and greek too?

    In the last tournaments often you used very bad this big hammers, on this server you show to all that arab meta is able to plan and destroy with own tacticals or do you asked help to greek and uollas to build this plan?

    Our attack on the New Order because he accused the Arabs of cheating and did not respect our presence as allies.

    As for the plan in which we attacked it is one of the leaders and was a gift to the Allies and assure us of our cooperation despite our entry to qualification only

    Greetings to all Travian players

    Arab Leaders from TG.EP, TG.CH and TG.A.C.T, decided to change the course of WWs. We welcome who love to join and warn our enemies. We helped our allies ( Italians and Greeks ) and attacked their opponent's WWs.

    I leave you with this video which shows the forces of Arabs.

    (video removed)