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    Damn i thought asky was bad with numbers but you break all records.

    Learn to count first then try joining in the discussion willya?

    Ya, Gunners should have more accounts with the 3.5 wings + techs not in the alliance.

    If you are so smart, please write down the numbers.

    I bet you cant.

    You are just a person who constantly complains but can't give proper suggestions.

    Fake news, actually I find it interesting that the only people that seem to be upset about this 4 quad Zerg, are the players that I’ve spoken to that are actually playing in the super sized meta themselves.

    Fake news, actually you are crying so hard that you keep on begging for help from nordics and GOATS.

    Begging TEN help for last server.

    Begging Nordics and GOATS help for this server.

    Well done!

    200 of Gunners VS 120 of DND, totally a fair fight.

    280 of DND + GoW VS 200 of Gunners, it is totally unfair for Gunners.

    Shit talk everyone else in the server and have GoW and TEN to help out DND really serve you right.

    Well done, Bat Man

    Hope that the diplomacy route has gone well for you.

    Avis and Salme, please control your player. This guy has been constantly doing Gunners harm.


    Batman just gonna be Batman, delusional and self-centered.

    Verdie, "We will zerg after dealing with DND."

    Also Verdie, "Zergers are cheaters."

    Please make up your mind, Batman.

    I think at this stage, Batman, I would have to see some evidence before believing what you are saying. It doesn't look like you have presented any at all?

    This guy is all talk only.

    He single-handedly stopped the confed of GoW and GOATS before the server had even started.

    He warned DND that serious consequences will fall upon them if DND chooses to continue fighting.

    Now that thing has gone wrong, he is also the first person to cry in forum.

    Batman just gonna be batman.

    If gunners is part of the "swarm", then Batman will claim that this is a great diplomacy move.

    However, as of now, Gunners is not. Hence, Batman being Batman will just whine in forum.

    The server is only half way now.

    There is no guarantee that Gunners will not zerg up.

    Or other alliances will turn against each other.

    Side note, remember how Batman claims that he plays in GoW and now he is in Gunners.

    This guy is just a pathological liar.

    Operation: Pincer Attack

    Gunners, the ultimate warriors, creme de la creme warriors, suffered a humiliating lost today.

    Their over-confidence had led them thinking that they can survive fighting two-fronts.

    However, the onslaught from GoW and DND had proved them otherwise.

    The fireballs from catapults rained down upon Gunners' capitals, setting fire on those lvl 19s and 18s crop fields.

    The persuasive chiefs managed to conquer two hammer villages.

    A huge win for GoW and DND!

    Please remember, disrespect the Gods, the hammer of holy judgement will fall upon you.

    Please remember, ridicule the Disbanded, the revenge will be paid back tenfold.

    I haven’t said anything like that but thanks. Actually I only mentioned alliances and players that are much more well known for it like Ajax, Loffe and others that pride themselves on teching.

    I’d be more embarrassed if I was in gow to be honest last round having 3 or 4 wings and not being able to produce any end game hammers of worth, those they did have they allowed to get chiefed. I’d call that an embarrassment to the entire server.

    On the other hand I hope you’re a leader in Gow and maintain our access to your teams getter tools. Don’t worry too much about me rest assure gow leaders like you are a great help for Gunners :D

    I don't know what is the bigger embarrassment for Gunners?

    Leader's WWR chiefed or WW chiefed?

    Or the biggest would be belittling TEN for the whole server but finally have to ask them for confed because both Gunners WW got zeroed on day 190?

    It is really hard to decide which is the worst.

    Bat Man is still bat man.

    If you cannot beat a person (in this case, an alliance) fair and square, just spread lies and rumours about him.

    Hopefully, others will join my cause and go against this person.

    This tactic had worked well for Bat man for so many servers.

    You spend 100 gold for the evasion?

    I bet most of the highly-skilled and active players activate gold club for the trade route and farmlist instead.

    Evasion only works in capital. Unless you only build troops in your cap only. :D

    I have always spiked on the inactive villages, there were those top players that says they could detect the spikers,

    hahahaha, guess they were just bluffing after all.

    It seems like you have not played travian for more than a year.

    It is actually very easy to detect spikers. send troops to spiked village, screenshot def points, then find which player got extra def points after your troops have landed.

    I heard a rumour that some alliances are coming to SW also

    Looks like most quads going to be fighting for own quads

    Hey SE is only 1 alliance so far or is any rumour of some going there too

    I don't think it will make a difference whether SE has another alliance or not.

    They will confed with everyone at last and fight against natars.

    Then you are either not active enough, or you are not building your account correctly.

    You should really open up to the idea of dual-ing. Getting a good mentor will change the way you approach the game, making you a better player.

    If you want to play casually, there always be some servers which are not so competitive.

    You can play at your own pace in these servers.