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    Those are your words what I said was actually this,

    Gow has 2 main leaders I think it would be fair to say the alliance wouldn't be quite the same if one were not present wouldn't you?

    Ofc we can go in the nitty grittys of who does what in the alliance if you'd really like to ?

    but you keep on saying about fake Gunners, wannabe Gunners.

    You also clearly mention that to be the real Gunners, core leader and core members must be there. As if NC is not a core.

    And we have changed the name to PURGE by the end of the server, so we were not Gunners when we lost the server.

    (I don't know whether this helps to calm your huge ego)

    (Sorry to PURGE players for letting you all down)

    I always thought that Gow is all Ajax. techs and multis. I just learned today that Gow has 2 main leaders.

    Salme is a great leader and would have left huge shoes to fill not to mention the gunners players that couldn't make it. Obviously you couldn't fill those boots left behind so the team you had sunk very quickly despite flint and others best efforts.

    So suddenly Gunners is all about Salme.

    If I played in Gunners without Salme, then it must be a fake Gunners.

    NC is second in command, for me it wouldn't be gunners without Salme the founder of Gunners, sometimes even missing one great leader can be enough to break an alliance or leave it in fragmented pieces that just don't operate or fit in the same way.

    Gunners didn't have the leadership the current gunners has or even a third of its original players,

    Mist4 you are safe now cause tonz is not in com2.

    And you are fake TEN because you don't have one-third of the original members.

    and you too Ajax.

    Stop pretending you are the real Gow.

    This guy literally says that NC can't do anything when he is alone without Salme.

    "If you lose a server, you are fakes. If you win a server, you are part of the family.", I think this is what he means.

    1 core leaders and core members or a decision by core leaders to pass on the flame to another deemed worthy to carry the flame with honor to the alliances next era.

    If I remembered correctly, there were some core leaders and members from Gunners in previous com2. So according to your statement here, they were the real Gunners.

    And I just wonder how do you define core leaders or core members? So only those in leadership and top 20 accounts matter? The rest are considered non core? Sub par?

    Ok so I mentioned no.1, then I offered possible other qualities that could be redeeming factors, all of which the last gunners you keep preaching about failed dismally in. I also made the point that if the fake Gunners had any skill then a no.1 ranking for a fake gunners would be irrelevant.. Can you prove me wrong or tell me how fake gunners was good that round or anything like the real deal at all?

    What I'm trying to say that no two Gunners are the same. And you keep on babbling that those Gunners from previous com2 were fake and wannabes.

    I would not compare this Gunners with previous Gunners. Every server is different.

    Just as I will not think that TEN will not win this server because they did some mistakes in their previous server. (But it is still fun to poke at mist4).

    A player with a differing opinion is one thing, throwing a childish tantrum hoping another team can win is another..

    All I can see is a person with ego bigger than carrier plane that tries to write a long post to justify his own flawed logic.

    When another person pointed out that he is not entirely right (this does not mean he is wrong), that person is throwing a childish tantrum.

    So the logic now is if you are number 1, even though you are not exactly same team, it is fine to claim the name.

    If you are not number 1, you are just wannabes.

    Now how I wish REVs will win the server.

    Then I can see Bat Man claiming that Gunners, TEN and Gow are not in full team, and that's the reason they lose.

    Your a real joker :)

    This was my favourite one of your jokes, Joker your a really funny dude^^

    When Gunners come for you we won't have to write about it 3 weeks earlier with false promises. I almost feel sorry for your team we've all seen how Batman deals with jokers. At least your not trying to win against gunner wannabes anymore :P

    I really dislike it when people say that those alliances from previous servers were fake or wannabes.

    With that same logic, I should say that Ten and maybe gow this server are just bunch of wannabes using the same name because they don't have most of their old members.

    Gunners lost com2 in previous server and won in the server before. It is just that simple.

    So please stop saying those that lost the server are bunch of wannabes. At least we fought valiantly before we went down.

    heres my prediction for the server:

    GoW and Gunners clear out their squads pre arties. After that they kamikaze on eachother and REV and TEN will get burned into ashes by mighty FIRE clan. Final day Natars win the server because everybody dead already

    You totally forget about Gunners, the ultimate warriors. They will not go down.

    Same with GoW, the super Saiyans

    REVs, the Power Rangers

    and TEN, the Sailor Moon (?)

    Omg, it's day 50 and GoW is declaring war to Gunners.

    Let us hope that it will not be REVs and MMC situation. War for a week and hold hands for the rest of the server.

    REVs and TEN, it is time to grab popcorn and see how those two alliances lose the server.