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    To be honest, NE Army & ELITE will soon be absorbed by GUNN3RS.

    I don't see any sign that GUNN3RS will lose dominance in NE.

    So whatever pete is saying here will be a good joke few months later.

    Just like how we joke on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blitzkrieger let me rephrase it.

    GUNN3RS did not aggressively clear out potential threats in NE as much as other quads are doing.

    Clearing waves can only be effective if you have offensive troops.

    Clear offensive troops early on, then you will have peaceful mid game, even though your enemies have catas.

    P/S: REVs is already the ultimate warrior as they have their quad war before merging together.

    Another P/S: GOW will soon claim that they are the ultimate warriors when they go into war with Addicts.

    Another P/S: TEN is doing a good job in avoiding quad war.

    i think you are new player :D and you should show some respect
    i have proove for my speaks
    all players have multi account Gunn3rs and GoW too :)

    Then show your proofs.

    Report to TG.

    Tell everyone about your achievements on how many players of GUNN3Rs, GOW, TEN, REVs, Addicts, FIRE, NE Army that got banned because you reported.

    Whining in forum will not make the game fairer.

    Please grow up, "Professional" player.

    Bat Man i have to disagree with you that only GUNN3RS is having hard time now.

    Every alliance has their own problems to deal with at this early to mid game stage.

    In average, the top 3 alliances in 3 different quads (REVs, GOW and TEN) are having almost double of GUNN3RS offensive points.

    It means that GUNN3RS does not clear out the potential threats in NE early on and now this decision has came back to bite you.

    In this case, I really want to commend the leadership of TEN that they stabilizes the quadrant quickly.

    Mist4 first time i feel that you are doing something right. LOL!!!!

    This early in the server and we can't attack Gunners?

    "We are friendly alliance." said my ALL MIGHTy leader.

    Not even 20 days into server and half of the server is teaming up.

    Lame server :sleeping:

    P/S: Just a disappointed TEN member

    Salt and rage

    Yes, there are too many salt and rage here.

    Like Blitzkrieger is saying LG won com6 because they confed with SW and SE, they were meta-hugger.


    LG won because they have better skills.

    They have the most players with 2nd village in com2 in 10 days.

    yes chance for GoW to win is literally 0%

    their fate is doomed with such bad leadership


    Do you mean dictatorship?

    Really hope that this server will not turn into North vs South or East vs West situation.

    Because I can foresee that either the South alliance or the East alliance will have a hard time winning.

    From what I heard gow didn't really have any comp last round..

    They were the top raider and simmer from week 4 onwards until the end of server, only dropping the gold medal few times.

    Now they will really face some organised alliances (Gunners, LG but definitely not TEN) and test their strength.

    I think GoW has a very slim chance to win the server this round.

    I'm putting all my bet on Gunners to win and also to TEN (if they piggyback on Gunners of course).

    Anyway, it is good to kill some time here before the next com1 starts.

    And if TEN wins this round in com2, I will claim that it is because I never intend to finish this server as com1 progress.

    I need a reason to hide my noob-ness.