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    Go NE Army!!!

    They will crush everyone in the server with their 200 man army.

    *Everyone here will be laughing stock if NE Army + Fire win the server in another 250 days.

    LOL. I don't understand how hard it is for some people to understand the meaning of roll back.

    The server has rolled back at least > 24 hours. Everything you had done in the past 24 hours before server down was nullified.

    Of course you will lose something such as V2, settlers, building levels, troops.

    Valoel most probably you need to register again on the server.

    And hopefully they will send you an email to transfer the gold you bought.

    If not, you can always send a support ticket to claim the gold.

    However, you might not be able to get the compensation if it is directly compensated into your account. ;(

    So this server is like

    winner of com2 (2017/2018) vs

    winner of com2 (2018/2019) vs

    winner of com6 (2018/2019) vs

    svenie 's soccer team!!!

    Anymore winner here? It's okay even if it's 10 years ago.