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    Congrats to the SE meta . Well played by NW and NE we enjoyed your fight all sever long and I think that what caused your lose. The smarter win. Russian was very disappointed this year they had the best chance to win but planed it very bad. Worst team I believe this year . Cye ya next year.

    Plz correct me if I’m wrong. I do not play final just watching through this thread and some of S corners. Thanks to NW meta and NE meta for the actions. NE was doing great till artifacts. Then NW took their place. Can someone playing update us of what is going on. I started to feel that the Italian is weakning and they started to complain about how NW has nap with most of the meta ( I think it is part of the game nothing wrong with it) . Players of Uollas started to give up

    One said he play alone against NW.other talking about how bad they organized this year... are UollasL under pressure are they backing their ground. Any Change in artifacts owners?

    How bad are you guys If you think we need techs to build those troops? :D holy Shit.

    Can you plz share a pic of your account deff and off. So we can learn. And plz explain to us how some of your alliance members get in the robbers top 10 ?

    Endtime : off points: 109270

    Deff points:almost 2m by the way you will be losing the first top 3 😜

    I’m willing to share more of your FairPlay members deff and off points.

    They are talking about this player



    Plz stop b.....g about it. We all know that everyone “cheats” according to your methods including you. How did build all that deff and off armies with out getting resources one way or another. I guess Emric way with the “technical “ account. We see them the same as multis. I believe since you spent money effort and time I have the right to do whaterve in Thisbe game. You are the biggest hypocrite in This game. If your claims are right i do not think this game is for you. Everyone use multis for diff and farm. Look for another game that suits you.

    By the way no harm in killing my troops for off or diff I made them I use them the way I like in this game.i can not take my deff with me home after the game is done