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    simple,if you have the time to raid you run EI hammer since it can feed itself pretty easily,on the other hand if in later stages you want to make a hammer but you have less time you make an EC hammers since more offpoints/hour

    1.Me talking about how good we are is just memeing gow basically

    2.Gow has been spying on us,getting an artie with spy then instantly putting in another etc etc.Gow been shittalking gunners from the very beginning,and stop bringing up dickpicks if you say that i cannot bring my girlfriend in it.Grow up.Also me spamming the pictures was a simple response to them spamming the pictures.They knew it would trigger me so they kept doing it,even encouraging other people to do the same just to tilt me,so i did what would tilt them simple as that.Had no other way to try to stop the spamming shit since i have already asked them not to do it,explaining it in a normal way which only led them doing it even more so.


    4.Anger?You guys are really bad at reading emotions through messages

    5.Yeah same


    I am not that kept bragging that gow would win 1v3,easy stuff like that,it was said so many times and when it actually happens all gow does is cry how we killed the fun etc.Gow during the whole server was extremely toxic,annoying and shady so you cant really blame me enjoying gow losing in any scenerio.

    5.I dont judge at first if you talk about this password thing,gow has been shady since day one and you cant deny that,so obviously if out of the 3 big alliances 2 gets only fake leaders with fake messages,and there were interesting comments beforehand from gow about IT stuff and passwords,who else can we suspect?Edwin mentioning Toofa is just outside idiotic.

    3.There are people that care about these there are people that dont,i do,and its just a nasty thing for no reason.

    6.I like the current situation

    2.Well some people can and some cant do it i guess.The 20k hurt yeah,how much did it hurt not the get UD after splatting 5 hammers on it?

    7.Iam not tired ty #starbucks

    Aksy 1.As long as Gow loses with all their shittalk how they will win,all the sneaky shit especially in the recent days i am perfectly happy

    2.Interesting how we could make proper order on UD.You guys splatted 5 hammers and I splatted 20k eis,guess which one hurts more?

    3.My level of getting triggered by taking my girlfriends pictures,spamming it,calling her a bitch is high i agree,i cannot tolerate that for weeks.

    4.It will be fun for sure

    5.I doubt that but sure,you wont change your mind and i wont change it either

    6.Nah bro its fun

    Imagine getting your WW chiefed by GoW :)

    Zennaa send me the ss

    Imagine Gow losing to TEN :) "Such a stain on Gow as an alliance for the future servers" A quote from a gow player after the recent "tricks" :D Your own people dont respect you bro,must be hard,neither the ones that already left for another server,nor the ones that still play in Gow. HF next server,and as i said,be careful so your oasis doesnt get taken away again,or even zenna's.Would suck :(

    Wait what?

    Congrats to TEN (if it even happens) means you lost. not having WW means you lost without honor.

    Bro i saw ss of troops your otw. What they did to you it sucks bro :(

    oh i wonder how did you see the ss? Interesting :)

    Also imagine losing against TEN bro,really sucks.Well tbh when you guys did ops on them,well,yeah,splats all over :D Still laughing about your try on UD,guess Gow doesnt know in what orders should the hammer land or was your pride that made you go lost and therefor splatting everything without even getting the UD?

    nah bro TENG wins,so easy bro.Keep collecting passwords but you will still lose :( kinda rough i know but still,also loved how zenna asked for a fair fight before he left discord.Who is gonna be the next one that basically asks for artifacts to "have a fair fight" ? :D

    Hahahahhahahahha absolute gold bro

    Lohalal and jorko are just permanent salty.

    Both have their own unjustifief reason

    (Jorko dont cry please, wasnt us.... most likely your own teammate sacrifiest you)

    yeah sure :D it was us who splat our own shit for what?To make gow look bad?We dont need that man,you have done more than enough to make a joke out of gow for next servers.

    Also unjustified?I accused you guys of tech raiding which was confirmed by you guys,and you kept spamming my gf pic calling her a bitch and stuff,so you its justified :)

    keep going for other people personal life and call their loved ones a bitch,thats all what you are capable of Edwin

    Also trust me on that one,as long as gow loses,those guys are as happy as ever