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    We dont really care about qualification. It is just a waste of time and no Meta is playing with even half of their strength. It is just a chance to try new things and get keys. My thread was deleted because I talked about the ban and that was the reason. Yes bots are against the rules and that's why MH deleted many accounts. Some players broke the rules and they were punished and they deserve it. No one is complaining. However, this is between them and MH and it is none of your business. If you think any 1 in the top10 raiders is breaking the rules, you can simply report them to MH without crying here. You started this forum for maps and statistics, so why don't you keep it that way.

    My team has the biggest alliance in the finals and I am their leader. It seems that Travian and the community agreed on what you call "techs". This game based on team work, but surely a person crying for attention like you would not understand. Maybe next year you will find a team to shelter you and do something important instead of trash talk other players. Just stop the jealousy kiddo.

    (1) your team has simmed the most.

    I would not define big by the amount you simmed. The game is next to simming about off and deff.

    (2) techs are respected by your team. Same as your old team took you cause they needed WW hammers. Techs are tolerated cause it's legal and way easier than use teamplay to build big hammers.

    I am here to show the 85-90% not farming techs how big the impact of those are.

    Finals is loosing more player and when techs will stay legal there is no problem publish how to create multiple accounts without problems. Problem is that this will crash TG and cost peoples jobs so I rather give this finals the chance to change this.

    (3) jalous?

    Last qualy you simmed at the edge if the map and farmed hunderts accounts to build a hammer. Simmed and farmed multis and techs - wow

    This finals you were able to get a 4-4-4-6 and gold up your accounts for getting more population - wow

    You achieve goals through farming techs and multis and when it's about skill like settle you fail :|

    (4) Looks like your quality of playing this game is like your picture - trash :(

    Work on your quality and stop look for excuses and take your time. I will tag you when you count your metals techs

    The issue is not just the 50 gold - right.

    It just shows the development.

    While we are discussing here about that or other threads about techs/multis the mods are open new discussion and not even wrote here once

    Play less - invest less and take the community’s to new games :)

    I keep getting accused of this. I said that before and I would say it again for the last time. Most Arab teams didn't not play tournament and the ones that played had their accounts working on bots because no one really cared about the Tournament they only wanted a key. There were many accounts that are abandoned by players and yes I did raid them and they helped me make the biggest hammers for fun. As you know this is not a violation of rules now. You can see that in this final, I am not on top 10 raiders or even have Multis. I am playing defensive this Final. Many accounts were deleted because they were banned using bots. I know this is a violation of rules but players did not want to waste time and money on tournament. The goal was to get keys for finals. If you check many players did not have 10 villages but they were qualified on def or off 100 rank. In addition, many key were gathered from WWs in Arab server and Top 10 off and def. Each were giving 5 keys. There are players who have tech accounts just like all other big Metas have. The last time I checked this is not against the rules now. So, I would appreciated if you stop making accusations. I appreciate and thank you for your efforts in this thread and the statistics you wrote were helpful. However, If you don't like how the rules are now or how the game is structured just stop playing no one is forcing you to play.

    You say yourself you raided accounts build up by bots. Having an account and offs based on raiding accounts who were all breaking the rules is not really fair play=O

    So check again - that's against the rules.

    Dodger posted some links of Arabs multis which were all deleted. Not really looks like "not breaking the rules" for me. ;)

    You got banned multiple times too in qualy.

    Your thread about your friends got deleted too by travian. ?(

    I saw you are not in top10 raiders now but what have I said? Did I said you were the biggest cheater in qualification or in finals

    However - I see your old team try to make sure that ML will not fuck them up in the end after they kicked you ;)

    I do not need to play - exactly!

    That's why I have only one village and do some stats and talk about techs and multis cause that will make finals less attractive and next finals will be less played and travian needs to act or we will see finals dying even more. :saint:

    If you wanna read about Qualy:

    Multis / techs / boosted points:

    Tournament 2019 international group thread

    I'm a hard working woman and no time to find and post every link that shows deleted accounts that will not get a ticket for Final - why should I care?

    When you ask me why should you care about massive cheating in qualifications I really do not know why you play "reporter" cause in the end you were and seems to still be mostly a person who doing marketing for finals and not reporting ;)

    I do read your corners but never found texted about cheating and when your excuse is you don't have time to look stuff up properly - I can not really help you ;)

    As you play with Exodus who boosted themselves in deffpoints massively in qualifications with 50% friendly deffpoints in total I understand, that you will try to just show the positive side of finals and hide the side of cheating and abusing techs :*

    Ps: Little to do? Hunny - I don't need to get paid by travian to write textes about a game. I can do it without any influence or contract with travian cause I work hard but just 40 hours a week so enough time left to look up my infos properly.

    Same as you advertise yours here.

    You don't need to do anything but if you wanna inform the community to it properly please.

    Could you tell me where you got the calculated number for wildcards from?

    Did TG gave you or have you just guessed?

    Cause in theory there could be 3.000 wildcards used and we do not know how efficient the new rules were. Why did you not said in the past you got payed with gold in the past so people know that you work for travian or have worked and not do neutral reports?

    Ignore techs and multis and cheating in your interview its not being positive.

    It is just showing a situation which is not existing.

    Dodger maybe Safiren will have look at these alliances now and can care about those facts in future

    Just read above. It's not about the amount if gold.

    I never said you need to start with being not nice.

    I would just highly appreciate if the interview shows also details about negatives issues cause otherwise is just advertising ;)

    Many of the account from him not not even settle many villages and many got deleted without any alliance. Many multis got deleted fast but many gauls with just 1 cap next to him stayed till the last day.

    You counted just alliance I guess?

    Cause than you need to recount your numbers cause you just counted parts of the Arabs ;)

    And 140 difference is even than nothing.

    I would bet you got offered to buy also keys.

    3.000 keys were more than 2.000 got given to multis minimum you said yourself - didn't you?

    I think you could at least ask him why his post about his friends got deleted or why his video got deleted by travian. Question which let him explain his view on travian shut him down where he is trying to defend himself against the community.

    I know you wanna be nice but it could create an image with just the positiv facts. I do not know if that's your aim or if you wanna do interviews with showing positive and negative stuff so the reader can decide himself what the other can do or can't and is or isn't :saint:

    I got all new accounts I guess but excel is not really helping - will find a way to delete duplicates cause the casual way on excel is not working. Maybe cause some are linked with hyperlinks and some don't. I Will have a look.

    I played travian last T3.6 ever had. I was now looking to tune in but all I see still is this crap T4 version and dead servers all over the website.

    I decided to ask travian support that have they changed their mind about putting a classic server up. I didn't get answer, its sent 6 days ago (I think the support is dead probably too).

    Im going to ask you guys. Do you guys have ANY knowledge about classic servers to reviving?

    Title typo.... IS travian dead game?

    Guess why Travian removed the overview of player on each server ;)

    They are losing players every day same they kicked out some employees lately though some changes


    i consider my self experienced a bit , i got my 15 cropper to level 9 - 10 with 50% oasis and bakery at this point of the server and its considered decent i only play for 24 day now and yes i used gold

    the question is when do u think i should start raid from my 15c to have the maximum output ? and most efficient .

    I have already started with 400 clubs

    Depends on your online time and the server.

    The more hour your acc is able to farm the fast you can start.

    The more farms on your server are the faster its effient.

    I would recommend to check if your neighborhood is save or not.

    Better build your cropper higher (to lvl 15) before putting to many resources in building offence cause otherwise you will be crop blocked super fast.

    Maybe use 1/5 of your resources for offence and keep building fields to minimum 16 before starting Real going offence when you have a more calm area :)

    Power Full played qualifications with 200-300 multis.

    Full 60 accounts alliances filled with gauls settled near him.

    He did a post in forum about this situation claiming he got a big family and many friends - get deleted by TG. Same as the video about their hammers build just by farming thos the hole round.

    He got banned several times without loosing any troops. (Pop 1 - golded every village instant maxed out).

    In qualifications he lost 3/4 of his multis but he just bought new accs so his capital was in the middle of nearly unlimited farms.

    His team completely left the forum after the community showed them no respect for being ht biggest cheaters when we talk about multis for just one account.

    In the end they attacked a fun WW and smashed all their hammers trying to steal a building plan.

    Sadly the map of travian for each server is not getting saved otherwise I could just show you a map which is more easy to check the getter 8o

    Maybe Safiren forgot to ask about this massive while interviewing him as I do not see any word about techs in her interviews

    PoWeR-FuLL Why did you left forum?…PoWeR-FuLL?addtotravmap=1

    Maybe I find the deleted multis teams settled near him or maybe Ridder Huma can give us an exact number of deleted accounts around his cap by distance by multihunters?

    I am a player that plays entirely from mobile so I am the target audience and I’m ok with it. What’s your beef? You do know they need to pay the developers right?

    50 gold per village is a lot fairer than I thought it would be, my guess would’ve been 3 gold per send. Assuming you’re doing at least 5 fake sets twice a week that’s a lot more than 50

    You keep ignoring the fact that a game which is unable to code an app should not charge money for coming the more mobile friendly game.

    I gold more than most people - I don’t care if I need to pay 50 or 200 or what ever

    I just don't agree on charging on a feature which should reduce using illegal tools and helps mobile players.

    Its more than you or me and you see the most people agree on that.

    50 gold ain’t that much, you get that in silver from selling your first 10 adventure stuff. Basically it’s free. Stop crying

    The problem is not about the amount of gold.

    Travian is far behind other games.

    For example the not existing app.

    Making a step forward to a more mobile friendly game should not be combined with let costumer pay for the missing standards at travian.

    This tool needs to be free or within the gold club cause otherwise the argument to get rid of illegal free tools is not working.

    Russia was the most known team in finals when we speak about constant dominance since the first finals. Not won every finals but taking every single building plan for example are moves done by Russia only.

    There is also Dacia known for swimming and playing the time game and also Italians who are back again and showing up good organization.

    Let's see if this finals will be more than Russians and Dacia team up to let Italians not win this finals.

    Looks like techs and multis are decided fairly between the meta. Could be an intense endgame but let's hope that we see many reports about saving zones.

    Instead of talking about the last servers I would highly recommend posting reports about this server. It is not about liking or disliking people in the forum. It's about croplock / delete or chief all kind of villages ;)

    Congratz to nearly 500 answers and over 20.000 views to this thread!