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    Raiding Top10 Player: (31.12.2020 | 19:00 GTM +2)

    No. Player(s) Resources Team
    1. Hornet 117.279.984 HIT&ML
    2. الويل لك 92.541.855 Uollas
    3. Peaky blinders 77.601.146 Uollas
    4. Grmani 71.592.478 Uollas
    5. .Womanizer. 69.832.205 Uollas
    6. HESSEN 68.677.957 Uollas
    7. Hooligans 64.929.514 Dacia
    8. Cynic 62.055.795 Russia
    9. Cleo 61.939.217 Russia
    10. Action 52.764.494 Russia

    Raiding Top 10 Alliances:

    Rank Alliance Resources Team
    1. MS 350.920.087 Uollas
    2. E S 289.360.487 Uollas
    3. DACIARox 275.108.818 Dacia
    4. M.L 4 255.147.455 HIT&ML
    5. P&D 215.060.681 Russia
    6. Summer 211.139.682 Russia
    7. JOKER 194.639.132 Uollas
    8. Dacia W 186.246.524 Russia
    9. Химера 151.153.942 Russia
    10. TÆQUILA 102.819.328 HIT&ML

    Uollas is farming around 16kk/h | Russia 11kk/h | Dacia 9kk/h | HIT&ML 7kk/h

    Offpoints/Deffpoints :

    Team Off Deff
    Uollas 7.678.946 5.910.471
    HIT&ML 9.666.715 5.977.185
    Dacia 5.241.730 3.092.588
    Russia 3.223.483 683.949

    Others by Sector Off Deff
    OtherNE 2.362.872 2.242.110
    OtherNW 741.722 520.259
    OthersSE 1.994.334 2.480.806
    OtherSW 1.034.888 897.735

    Offpoints each Meta

    Deffpoints each Meta

    Stay save!

    Play fair!

    Some words from myself:
    Thanks at all the great teamwork!


    Endtime   Alcunha   Mano Cornuta and every single teammember!

    lily  and all of her players!

    Koulin   kosa9090  all of your nice guys!

    10 missions till artespawn | 30 missions till bp spawn? :thumbsup1::popcorn:

    Enjoy the song 👏🤗

    Happy XMAS and Happy New Year!

    Enjoy the visualized data!

    The Data 1.0

    Meta: Player Population Pop/Account: Chiefings
    Uollas 1564 6.340.814 4.054 516
    HIT&ML 1510 7.219.046 4.781 1025
    Dacia 787 3.569.006 4.535 230
    Russia 659 2.824.648 4.286 137

    Meta: Player Population Pop/Account: Chiefings
    OtherNE 551 1.775.790 3.223 158
    OtherNW 78 202.506 2.596 10
    OtherSE 384 826.960 2.154 125
    OtherSW 169 521.602 3.086 50

    Meta: Player Population Pop/Account: Chiefings
    North-West 865 3.771.512 4.360 240
    North-East 2115 8.116.604 3.838 674
    South-East 1894 8.046.006 4.248 1150
    South-West 828 3.346.250 4.041 187

    The Data 2.0 (Only Top4 Teams)

    Player which not play in the 4 Teams:

    Players based on the sectors:

    Welcome =)

    I think this finals could be really fun for all parties.

    I expect the first "warzones" between South-East (ML-HIT) and North-East (Uollas).

    The second will be between South-West (Russia) and North-West (Dacia).

    Panda   PriStoL  

    You need to come back next finals! :saint:<3

    Maybe even Jonson could give qualifications/finals a second try 8)

    Emerik Where are you? :/:P

    Coming to the overview about finals (2020-2021) :

    Player total: 6417

    Player still existing: 6329

    Player having an alliance: 6064

    Player having no alliance: 265

    The alliances are sorted by their number of players:

    Uollas | Total amount of players: 1711 (27% of the players currently)

    If you want to open the map in your browser click on this link:

    HIT - ML | Total amount of players: 1457 (23%of the players currently)

    If you want to open the map click on this link:

    Dacia | Total amount of players: 793 (12,5% of the players currently)

    If you want to open the map in your browser click on this link:

    Russia | Total amount of players: 668 (10,5% of the players currently)

    If you want to open the map in your browser click on this link:

    Others | Total amount of players: 1375 (21,7% of the players currently)

    If you want to open the map in your browser click on this link:

    There are some rumors about the alliance which I counted as "Others"

    I do not really want to work with rumors so incase there will be something proven I will add/change them during the next analyse.

    These are the accounts without alliances:

    Accounts without alliances (click here)

    Administrator   Ridder Huma   Stellamini

    Could you increase the amount of pictures I can upload to give the community more contect within one post?

    Could you select my thread as "Finals" as I can just give him any qualification server which are already over. :saint:

    I know that many teams does not like each others.

    I would really appricate if you bash each other in privat.

    This post should not be at any point about personal fights.

    This should be a place to give people an overview whats going on here.

    Would appricate if Stellamini Ridder Huma could delete post which are offending any team here.<3:!:


    Edit1: Thanks for closing Stellamini

    Edit2: Changed "PL - BH" to Uollas from "HIT-ML"

    Edit3: Ciccio_Shady_IT Moved "Ottomans,TC,TC İSYAN,MERAK&DI from "Uollas" to "Other" | Just a NAP

    Kind regards

    NewOrder | Kai


    Nice words while it does not change the fact that you created a room for cheaters to share experiences with will have impact also on other domains. I guess everyone playing finals/qualification saw this impact.

    Waiting to see rule changes when the impact is only the community :love:

    Ridder Huma could you explain in detail what is needed so communities can create their own server without cheating? 8)

    xTyrell Maybe your chance to step up :saint:

    I just hope TG has AI running on that server to fine tune their cheating detection algorithms.

    They can simply run the bots you find by google „Travian bots“ .

    Undetectable Settings for specific bots can be discussed during the server. I do not expect anyone run their normal set up when you can simply cheat how much you want.

    During this server you can see what is achievable by cheating and I expect the ones will also use the easier way on servers were cheating is not allowed.

    really nice that not even our ambassadors were aware about this server :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:


    I am really confused.

    Tournament is starting soon. The server where many teams do not really play fair as TG seems not be capable of making sure that no one breaking any rules.

    Explaing Martina the discord admin why people using TOR can not be caught gets you muted as she strongly believes its trackable.

    How can TG make "Travian on Tour" trying to improve the game by exemplary reduce cheating while TG has a server to share "best practices" for people who want to break the rules?

    Maybe our Ambassadors got informed with a statement about this server?

    Nyx_ xTyrell   wishmaster3
    (I pinged them as I saw them often in the forum the last days)

    How can TG run a server where cheating is offically allowed? :/

    I expect everyone who want to know how to cheat without getting caught can simply register there and have a chat with his neighbours!

    The rules of the offical allowed:

    (1) Multiple accounts - allowed ||

    (2) Share Passwords - allowed ||

    (3) Bots/Scripts - allowed ||

    Only important to not break the " § 6 of the Code of Ethics and Ethics "

    Link to this post:

    Click here

    Would be fun to see their deff skills without a spy or at least getter access to one runner plan.

    would have looked different but we knew at day 50 to 100% we have a spy and seeing our spot now makes me simply proud!

    Great teamwork which was not even able to be stopped by internal info’s! That’s my boys <3


    We do not give up.

    We crashed some missions cause finally we know that mission plans of a runner got shared in the enemies chat.

    Nothing can stop this team!

    Taking down 11.000.000 off before the BP spawns speaks for itself.

    Sure with every day some people go more chilled.

    Thanks to everyone who helped!

    8) Teamplay matters more than anything else! 8)

    We scouted this villages for serveral missions.

    We never saw more than 7 scouts:teu04: =O:saint:

    "POM leader"

    The target was the little diet. :/

    Amazing deff by only two deffers by CS.

    Armageddon (CS) did the CS deffcalls.

    Accounts went to bed before the deffcalls so they just woke up with the words "Lucky shit".

    Corgoň Smädný Mních

    NewOrder itself also got a mission.

    Enjoying playing with this team.

    Thanks to our friends helping us with deff.

    We called the first deff around 20:30 on prediction.

    Link to the reports:

    11,874,734 Deffpoints without natars =)

    All BP taken by RU as predicted (Forum post 1,5 month ago)

    Anarchy I think the plan of russia was visiable at least 1 month after start but you secure the places!

    Respect! Good work.

    Panda did nice off mission around the server.

    Deserved win!

    Lets see how the stats will looks like with WW level100 hopefully without boosting of any players.

    (If you do not play this server - russia was able to get every single building plan like finals 2015 or 2016? )

    minus only for this

    are there any othe reports? I see only from TG

    You want like or dislike what ever you prefer.

    Joking based on clickés 8o

    Just some small hammers.

    Can look if I can find them later the day Or maybe they can post themselves.
    I expect they just did the mission to block our deff.

    Can you link your mission against FB?


    :thumbsup1: Kia Ora! :thumbsup1:

    Russia came to visit us (X3 + P&D + -TG)
    We appreciated so many guests!:nope:

    Looks like we got the best vodka in our house regarding the visits by russia!

    The mission hit at 3:00:00. (09/13/2020)

    Some deff villages got chiefed.

    I was awake till 3am.

    I expected the night could be calm.

    I was wrong........................

    The unique trainer holder called me.

    He called me at 4:14am (his time)

    Incomings! What should we do?

    (Moving after all deff was coming back from the calls was smart but would that be enough?)

    The answer was simple:

    :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:Enjoy your weekend! :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

    Winter/Mafia was coming for CS.

    NewOrder scouted as always and got some juicy reports.

    We were able to track down their real targets.

    Sadly they knew we caught them so they stopped sending real attacks after we scouted the hammer running.

    We lost around 20k scouts from 5x and 20k from 3x Artie. 25-35k scout walls on each runner as expected but huge amount compared to others.

    Russia scouted before their impact:

    Thanks to everyone helping to get this reports possible :thumbsup1:

    Totally we were able to take down ~600.000 Off (including all catta and smaller hammers)

    Really impressive to face Winter/Mafia missions.

    Nothing is comparable! Respect!

    Trying to learn from you 8) Moving players around the server to give them some new views they never seen before! :thumbsup1:

    Some other "oooooppppssss" :


    Nice mission. Decent hammers.:popcorn:

    Defense request?

    It cant be.

    Kai told New Order where playing alone(well whit some kind of agremant in the midle whit CS).

    That must to be some kind of mistake...

    We are playing alone.

    We now started acting like our enemy - when a mission is launching we are happy to get some defence from people who are having the same enemy.

    but my offer is still active - if you want a fair fight: (only NewOrder vs all 3 X3 Teams)


    NewOrder ask for 57 (NewOrder) vs 154 (X3 Red,Black,Green)

    NO Cs - NO POM - NO Russia (South-West / North-West / North-East)

    -NIK- We showed every server we played.

    I think the way our mission got defended says enough ^^

    You see that we have no real chance here. How should we show here? I am really sad too but we have to accept that 50 vs more than 154 is really not possible.

    Last finals we not started as NewOrder as the issue with techs/multis is far behond of any fairplay based on skill.

    Hopefully the new rules will be implemented soon!

    Thanks for a nice Topic with beautiful reports and useful information.
    NewOrder did a great job as a deffensive side, but what's about attacks from NewOrder?
    Would they be the same victorious as they were in deffensive.
    I would like to see more attacks from NewOrder to conclude my point of view about this team.


    Same here!
    While our first mission on X3 (even without CS) we saw X3 asking Winter/Mafia + BAND + SouthWest + POM for help with defence.

    When X3 will stop moving players I would love to make mission again even without CS!

    So NewOrder vs X3 Green/Red/Black

    If that would be fine for _ КЕША __RU I would say we might be able to get some stuff done! :)

    NewOrder did not started in finals last year.

    (1) Finals

    You are right. Finals is harder and even harder when you not having techs and multis to farm to get more resources.

    Our values are next to teamplay and orga also fairplay and thats really hard when its TG who is not able to see who is using PW-Sharing for Deff etc.

    Thats why we hope that the new rules will be implement a gameplay based on teamplay which equal chances even if you play fair.

    The skills of TG to track cheating is same stable as their system on finals where the same bugs destroyed serveral endgames..

    (2) RU

    We might be not able to hold all accouts.

    The point is that we are totally outnumbered.

    If the fight would have been X3/POM against their sector it would be a different case but we appricate the complement we get by getting attacked by many russian coordinated with X3.

    We prooved we are able to stand the pressure.

    We came here to fight russia.

    We came to fight an enemy which is known for being good.

    We might not be able to cover every acc.

    We enjoy the honor given by us to getting attacked by that many people and still perform on a decent level without any cheating (even allowed)!

    We use the qualification to recruit based on actions and not based on words.

    We enjoy the fights against russia. Getting the chance to show some stuff while knowing they will achieve their plan to secure all BPs is for us totally fine!