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    I think what Semir and TheOneBelowall are you trying tell are that if the units didnt die, it could be heavily abused by a bit more veteran travian players

    In regards to your hero dying, you can always make him change village before the hit comes and he stays alive. Also there are a few tips to avoid getting chiefed/ or atleast make it tougher for the attacker or even less interressting.

    The abuse part is if I could chief my own village/get a friend of mine to chief it for me and the units then stayed in that village - I would then do it constantly.

    The reason being i could now optimize the amount of units i make, 5x-7x times better than before, which would make it quite unfair for the remaining players of the server. So instead of me having a bunch of medium hammers i now alreadly have a WW-hammer/massive operation hammer. Now in regards to the money part, without being certain i would assume since Travian players who spend a lot of gold, would have a good advantage over players playing with a low-budget, since it really makes it easier to run a account/ stronger. Always worth to remember skill/teamwork comes before money.

    So i can see the logic behind the idea of making the units dissapear. It happens to even the best and its never a good feeling, and sometimes its impossible to avoid.

    If you would like tips to avoid getting chiefed i would be happy to share some advice :) Else have a good evening

    Hey Fire!

    Its hard to answer your question because it doensnt clearly say how much time you want to spend on Travian, do you play to win or to have fun, how much gold pr. month. From what i can understand you seem fairly new, atleast as an offensive player.

    The current farmlists are very easy to use and you can setup from 2-3 villages, it takes a couple of hours 1-2 days and then youre set up for a good period with nice free income, so you dont have to overdo it and burnout yourself, it is still recommended.

    In regards to your race and if we are only thinking early game, the teuton race is really effective with hero and clubs, but as said before its risky if the enemy counters your clubs(sends horses back when your troops return). Gual would be easier because you can always build the trapper.

    So spend 1 day making a farmlists, send it as often as you want. Play the tribe you prefer playing, usaully whats best for raiding are what you find the funniest/most worth spending time on because then you send more raids. Gl :)