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    **about 250 accounts strong**

    **a national shut down of internet for like 5 days**

    **in this time Gunners chiefed catad and cleared all their armies**

    First Correction: yes core group was 4 wings but with allies was about 7 wings

    Second Correction: Shut down was for 2 weeks

    Third Correction: an NE army wing called Phoniex joined gunners at the arti time but yes other wings pretty much hate gunners

    Short and simple answer : you are not worth it to show yours in top10 🙂

    Although general rank shows some sort of numbers if thats what you want

    someone said if a winner had to say he is winner.. he is not a winner.... :3 action speaks louder than words..:V like see nuts team they didnt win with ww still they are getting credit for it..

    winner is winner no matter what, your name at the end shows who won the server not your actions or other trash talks!

    The whole idea of cages is to deffend your village with out troops ( and raid oasis without loss ) , your suggestion makes the cages no more usable for defender cause attacker will recapture them and raid you as well! Zoo is not a bad thing and also it needs alot of silver to achive. Let them have their comfort when they paied that amount of money for a browser game !

    good idea but still note , in message box can fix the issue where you can write to your own or your duals to do what...

    It use to be, if a player sent a 6-8 cata wave same second, it was a sign that the player knew what he was doing and was a worthy opponent. Now, any Yahoo can send 4 cata waves same second. How do I know they are yahoos? Because they leave that one second break in the waves. No experienced player would do that. You recall any waves that don't land the same second as the clear.

    every one can send same second attack even without this feature, there are tons of guides and videos on internet and even in the froum here about how to send same second attacks, its not a big deal!

    not relevant to the topic at all.Whether you are strong enough to play alone (time wise / experience / deep pockets) or you team up to cover each other.

    I saw many many times an excessive confidence player/account who thinks can play alone ruined the game for entire alliance ( artie lost , hammer caught home )

    some new look buildings for each tribe

    Bounce building have changed TS is 20% per level and brewery now has 20 lvl , 1% per level

    Hero has new feature when level up gains full health

    New confederation system up to 4 allies can confed and deffence can be sent only to your ally and your confrd

    New animal respawn during beginner protection , once you cleared an oasis it will no longer spawn animals till end of BP

    2 tribe added to the game egyption who has water work and doubles oasis bounce and pretty cheap and fast training slaves , egyption wall is now used for ww , hero resources production is double

    huns as an aggresive tribe and new building in order to build 3 chifs in every village

    Wave builder is now avilable in game by activating once per server per village and sends 4 waves in each second

    New static section called General that show your hammer rank both in alliance and in that specific server , total deffence rank , resource production ( raided or produced ) and culture point production rank

    Actully people dont use froum any more , here is official travian discord link :

    Feel free to join

    When you have multiple villages and there is enemies nearby, use tablets of law on your non capital villages, it can go up to 125% loyalty and it may be what saves you when they try to conquer your villages, it can give more time to defend.

    never set loyalty to 125%

    If you want to play as a pro you should set it to 124%. in case multiple chifing waves are coming and there is chance of losing village. By this trick you can insert tablet of laws

    Dont forget to set your hero to hide during battles inorder to stay alive and use tablets



    By the way, I have a suggestion to you. I can't understand terms "OC", "DC", "WWK" and some others that I forgotor haven't seen. Can you please add a part named "Terminology" to your guide which will describe these terms for further readings?

    Some words that are not mentioned in the dictionary linked above

    GT is short form of gettertools : the site that this article is about

    Off plan : offensive plan

    Noob / noobness : new players who dont know how to play and often have major mistakes in their game play

    SGR is just an alliance name

    COM2 is a travian server domain short form of

    now adays people play travian via mobile devices

    And the old fashion 4 / 8 / 12 / 16... cata waves are not possible with out PC.

    So i agree that new players can do more damage by sending 4 same second attack but that doesnt have a HUGE impact on early game ( just couple buildings go down ) while it definitly helps you during mid game plans ( many same second waves on multiple targets, capitals , hammer villages ).