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    it sounds like a plan, but imho it's not... just because of bedlam's protection. You know it. We know it.

    That image is showing that despite we are not a premade alliance we tried to use every card we had at hand. Bedlam VS Web has been indeed what gave us this spot.

    Yes Aurora, These players are Active and Really Good players - and as for me, these guys are much more experienced and skilled, than you do! :)

    According to your message - you are in panic, and I wish you to recover soon.

    As a player, you are Cheater and Liar, and as for me - you don't respect any player (except 1-2 ones) not even in your alliance, neither others in this round!

    I didn't want to characterize your personality here, but according to your messages - I had to...

    Okay :*

    They don't chose the winner. They played true to themselves. They took regions from both alliances for their own interest.

    If your team had been more kind and friendly we would all give you a standing ovation for your strength and strategy.

    Both Bedlam and Web have been the strongest and most solid alliances of this server

    Web, you are contacting the wrong players in THC to join Web. Blablabla , you are good players nobody else (2 ammon and paratoinon players), blablabla, after what Aurora said about THC, blablabla, we have room for 2 how convenient blablabla.

    At the early stage WEB managed to take all major regions in Greece against Heathens (previous winners).

    At the mid stage WEB managed to take vital regions in Spain against Bedlam walling almost all their offensive troops.

    The final stage is not over yet, but THC already lost pair of 100 VP regions and a lot of their armies.

    So every alliance had the opportunity to show their strength against WEB, but failed :)

    I do agree with this particular fact. But you kept the weakest alliance for the final stage. Our main force is settling 8o

    No problem. If you can't MM your ally not to spam certain players. I will MM the whole alliance and Basta to spam Web.

    Attacks started since remaining day 49. We are now at almost remaining day 33. Half of it was still under THC VP prod. Other half contested and still is

    THC players are acting like they already won and off course thanks to some special tactic, but Its still Bedlam who decided who will win this server.

    Not in my case. Bedlam's endurance is phenomenal.

    It was not a tactic, I really befriended Kazah, I only took opportunities when I saw the lack of motivation at that time.

    Do I believe that THC can win ? Honestly , yes. With God's blessing. How insignifiant this game can be.

    As for you, Marusja, hopefully now you see that noone considers you to be a worthy partner for discussion, especially considering how broken your English is, some people don't even read your stupid posts as they would have to spend dozens of minutes just to translate all your crap. Your pressence is simply annoying and as useless as you are. Leave, and don't come back, ty.

    Now that was very unuseful and mean. Play the ball not the man.

    Okay have fun :) It's a game after all. I'm very absent these days. Got strict minimum on my account. Getting back to real life stuff and so on.

    P.s I will make trial for you, you can tell me later if you wish to upgrade it for the full version:)

    Didn't understand what you meant ..

    If you mean spamming my rally point. No thanks. I rather buy and upgrade Winrar.

    20 units ? It's more likely to cover real attacks. 1 unit would be enough if their intention was to overflow rally point.

    My dear Buli,

    You calmed my heart last time I agree. But I saw last night you were flirting again with Web. Can't help myself in being jealous. Despite in Raelag constantly flirting with me and rejecting his demands. My hearts stays passionated and true for you.

    Forbidden love, teasing, I have to go trough all kind of strategies to make your eyes lay again upon me.