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    finally i can really congratulate the winners of this server. Congratulations @THC. Aurora ghosted us twice while we were a bit less active, costed us quite some offence lol, never went for the hamvill so lost about 30k cav and 30 k mercs (rip). Those ghostings were a wake up call for us, after that we only lost troops attacking thc and Web.If i had to vote for best player of this server, i would vote for you Aurora! Hope some server we can join forces. 8)

    Thanks a lot :love:8o

    Greetins and kisses from France (Ski Holidays)

    @Aurora congrats on the sever win with THC. Other allies congrats for making it fun.

    Thank you. We were not the strongest , but happy that a non premade alliance made it to victory. Some core members of THC haven given all of it in the last days, especially the lithuanians.

    In what team did you play Redking ?

    I must insist that Basta stands on the same position as THC and shares the victory. Has been the alliance that had THC's back the entire server.

    Bedlam/TM was and will always be a formidable, strong, fair play and sportsmanship alliance.

    Web an absolute nuke in terms of strength but at cost of other required qualities...

    Ragnar Lothbrok - a phenomenal account

    it sounds like a plan, but imho it's not... just because of bedlam's protection. You know it. We know it.

    That image is showing that despite we are not a premade alliance we tried to use every card we had at hand. Bedlam VS Web has been indeed what gave us this spot.

    Emerita Augusta , Dubaï of this server. The cement which this towns are built on are made of gold coins. 8o

    Yes Aurora, These players are Active and Really Good players - and as for me, these guys are much more experienced and skilled, than you do! :)

    According to your message - you are in panic, and I wish you to recover soon.

    As a player, you are Cheater and Liar, and as for me - you don't respect any player (except 1-2 ones) not even in your alliance, neither others in this round!

    I didn't want to characterize your personality here, but according to your messages - I had to...

    Okay :*

    They don't chose the winner. They played true to themselves. They took regions from both alliances for their own interest.

    If your team had been more kind and friendly we would all give you a standing ovation for your strength and strategy.

    Both Bedlam and Web have been the strongest and most solid alliances of this server

    Web, you are contacting the wrong players in THC to join Web. Blablabla , you are good players nobody else (2 ammon and paratoinon players), blablabla, after what Aurora said about THC, blablabla, we have room for 2 how convenient blablabla.

    At the early stage WEB managed to take all major regions in Greece against Heathens (previous winners).

    At the mid stage WEB managed to take vital regions in Spain against Bedlam walling almost all their offensive troops.

    The final stage is not over yet, but THC already lost pair of 100 VP regions and a lot of their armies.

    So every alliance had the opportunity to show their strength against WEB, but failed :)

    I do agree with this particular fact. But you kept the weakest alliance for the final stage. Our main force is settling 8o

    No problem. If you can't MM your ally not to spam certain players. I will MM the whole alliance and Basta to spam Web.

    Attacks started since remaining day 49. We are now at almost remaining day 33. Half of it was still under THC VP prod. Other half contested and still is