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    Hey Guys,

    The new 10x america server starts tomorrow, the former leadership of Hannibal,Rome and Union have joined together to bring to you guys "Myth"

    Please shoot me a message on here or add me on discord if you are looking to join.

    We will be settling in the SW -/- quadrant




    ahh, unfortunate.

    me and a couple of top guys from ToS are trying to run it back again but this time pull out a W in Europe since this last 10x was our first server in like 8 years haha.

    best of luck in the US and hope you guys crush it this time!

    Come back to the US again, seems lots are returning and hopefully some international teams are coming :)

    They are working on it, but have to re-write the old code (should have been done years ago, but yeah... They started late, but they are working on it now). If you haven't already, you should check out the new phone optimization.

    I'm personally a fan of the phone optimization, not a huge fan that it only works on the google chrome app as I generally use safari on my phone but I personally am a fan!

    I think your wrong in that aspect sakku, I think travian has what it takes to stay competitive, i've always like numbers games and many others do that I have talked to as well.

    What travian really needs to do is:


    #2 Keep it up with the special features on bonus servers, what keeps it fun for me is all the new additions and changes on these bonus servers such as the 10x, it makes it fresh and more engaging having more options for tribe/hospital/speed of the server.

    #3 But we all know this will never happen is listen to the community! Everybody hated the new UI roleout and now while I am used to it, I still fumble around in my village looking for specific buildings that for years i could identify easily. I've been playing this game for 10+ years and it feels as though they have gotten worse at listening to the players rather than better.

    Travian needs to appeal to the mobile age, i play about half my time mobile and to not have a halfway decent app is ridiculous. I don't know how they haven't explored this or even announced the start of development. The app store is an easy way to engage more players and keep your now older mature players active in a time when we are all likely to have a smartphone.

    Hey guys,

    My alliance Hannibal (RHS) will be returning to the 10x that is upcoming.

    We are an organized team, discord and gettertools are necessary.

    We will be dominating the north east quadrant once again, if you are interested in becoming one of the finest warriors travian has ever seen either reply here, shoot me a pm, or add me on discord scientist710#5241

    Let’s do it again boys!

    Apparently our friend can not see, we still have plans!

    I would love to know which alliance you came from? One of the three we stole plans from?

    The one who lied to get a plan back and broke promises on ramadan?

    The one who lost their plans that had 200k defense?

    Or the one who we chiefed the village and took the plans with it?

    Would be interesting to see but im about 99% sure you are one of them.

    No matter how this server finishes, this hammer is one for the books,

    My submission for the largest non troop merging Hun Hammer

    Hannibal will be joining COMX in June and recruiting ahead of time! If you are interested in playing with the best ;) Shoot me a PM!

    80 Million Troops Killed

    600+ Hammers

    This x10 was the most fun I never want to have again, really felt like old travian with the amount of strategy, politics and hammers flying around.

    Till the end,


    INFAMOUS WW Team also man, gonna sleep 24h hours as any WW reach 100 :D

    Do you play on other servers? Your name rings a bell, looks like infamous will take this one! Congrats to all who played!

    What makes no sense and urgently need to be reviewed, players on the 10x server were purposelly getting banned by swearing to avoid chiefing or army losses, 72h ban on a x10 server and 10% of the entire game is done by the time your back.

    Probably need to scale punishment to the speed of the server.