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    I will say I joined up with SGR as some old friends were a part of that group as well as I wasn’t sure of which premades were coming, however once I logged back into my old Skype I saw many of my old friends were apart of cousins. Definitely a very scary team of guys lots of old players from GRID/Vices/Immortals and even the original tx2 qualifying server. All I can say is cousins is definitely going to make this an interesting server!

    To be honest, ClubScientist you left the server at moral high ground.

    Many of the players in com2 felt bad for you.

    But now you just keep on coming back and picking fights.

    I can't see any difference now between you and the man you hate so much in com2.

    to be completely honest I love everybody on com2 except for that single guy. The comments he made as we left the server will keep a grudge burning for quite some time. Truthfully I miss the GOW guys and I’m impartial on who wins com2(otherwise we could have splatted on Ajax instead of the GOW WW to help them even let a couple villas get chiefed)

    Fun to fan the flames here and see the action on com2 but we are completely impartial to who wins in all honesty gunners and ten I’m sure can attest we give them shit as well.

    At the end of the day your boy just wants to see some good reports (if they’re on Ajax it’s a bonus though :D)

    I think that this is a good idea personally but it will definitely have some setbacks to be addressed, I personally miss the days of t3 30k players on a server when things were much more competitive. But there are definitely a few negatives I can see as well which I have listed my thoughts below.


    Larger Server

    More Competition

    More international interaction


    Gold pricing?

    Communication between all players could be an issue without an autotranslate feature in game

    I am excited if this becomes a reality, maybe a test server would be a good idea so we can all get a feel for what it is like playing internationally. This reminds me much of the tournament servers however which are the last remaining inkling of competitive travian play.

    :) I'm sure countless players would beg to difference, truth of the matter is Ajax wants to sit here and act like he is the big boss of the Com servers, going as far to tell me as the COM servers are his and to never play again or I would face his wrath :D

    Bro nobody even knows who you are or cares about you, you took the diet for yourself because as everybody on com2 and at this point on all of the com servers knows, Ajax only cares about Ajax. Ajax cheats to benefit Ajax, man Travian has come a long way in regards to allowing cheaters like Ajax and now on Com1 the Cousins to really run rampant.

    Get back to me when you led an alliance to victory in the tournament server with 30k and not on a 2000 player com2 talking about how you are the best :D How many multi accounts did it take to boost your ego that high?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    Ascky is the absolute GoW legend. Best of the best. Dont insult him or i will tell capn to steal the two 25%'s you have left :D:D:D:D

    Can't blame him bro, after all he lives in scotland….

    It always rains there, hence the amount of toxicity

    impossible to have any legends when the entire alliance is a joke at best :D

    We have lots of friends in NE our family Cousins have settled near us in order to help us achieve victory of course! This will be fun with so many good friends In the NE!

    After only farming the whole server and having your alliance push you 20 million crop :)

    Not impressive at all

    GoW is very glad youre gone :)

    20 Million my ass and I forgot about the 3 alliance operations we participated in as well as local ops with 3alk to clear many, saw your cubbies walking twice but that's cool.

    Acting like the entirety of our incoming trades were pushes don't make me post the screenshots of you ranting like an intolerable 4 year old who just lost his favorite toy. Com servers are yours my ass hahaha never seen an ego as big and fragile as this kid, which is surely true because he's no man ;)