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    Of course you do!

    I'm not trolling you :D

    Enjoying that final so much yo

    Haha good to get away from the trolls, Im ready for this server to end and to get some sleep!

    Regardless on who wins this turned out to be a lot more fun than I was expecting at the beggining of endgame!

    I guess i'm just a little bit confused here, do we know how to use artifacts or not?

    I'll be posting a youtube video once the server ends that shows RHS getting hit with over 500 hammers from every Meta, Ill also post our top hammers which were the largest on the server. I guess when he means simmer, he means we sim the size of our hammers to monster proportions.

    GGs only!

    I believe it will end in about 12 hours no matter what happens!

    Let’s see your hammer?

    We had two good hammers hit, and only one bigger than the 300k noob hammers you mentioned.

    The fact is you are behind us in Attack/Defense and Population. For “simmers” we have killed more than the next 3 top alliances combined

    I’m sorry, did your alliance have the 8 biggest hammers on the server? Pretty sure the biggest other hammer that hit was 300k clubs, smaller than most of our WWK

    Your biggest =our smallest

    neglecting the fact that two 1million crop hammers hit whoever you are yesterday

    400+ hammers 70 million troops still standing strong ;)

    Today marks day 15 of the crazy x10 server we have all lost sleep over, Hannibal Barca has once again conquered the first WW on the server after the actual first WW was taken from Fools due to a TG glitch

    Leading up to the capture of the WW it appears our friends at PN were also attempting to clear the artifact so thank you for the additional help!

    Natars put up a hefty fight this server with over 1 million defense spawning at the WW at the time of clear.

    If you take a look at a map of the server which i have provided below you will see that there are a lot of large alliances at player here and it truly is anybodies game. I would expect all of the WW villages to be captured with the # of alliances on this server and I expect a fight for construction plans to ensue. Only time will tell if RHS will be able to maintain their headstart on infrastructure and successfully complete their WW before the rest of the server.

    Any other predictions?

    Map of top 20 alliance wings…

    For those unaware RHS is a dual quadrant meta from the NE and the SW consisting of Rome Hannibal and Simpsons, it'll be interesting to see if the geographical challenges allow enemies to gain an advantage.

    Are you currently playing on the server?

    If so chime in with some predictions or thoughts :)

    players nowadays can do all sort of ways to get around the multi-account rule. Things like: changing IP using VPN, hiding IP using proxy, using public wifi to pretend like there are many people playing Travian (in the same server), using different web browser to avoid cookies tracking tool of Travian, etc. you name it. If travian team does not coming up with any solution, I'm afraid this will be my last year playing Travian.

    Sadly after 13 years of Travian this is the truth, multi's or as people call them now "techs" are running rampant.

    What is the point in the top 3 alliances teaming up? Way to make the server completely boring and pointless...

    What is the point in having Metas 2 or 3x the size if you can't even put up a fight.

    Only three teams who didn't have a meta and had come in solo, If you think a server is over because of that you are vastly mistaken, server was over before you even registered if you weren't ready for a challenge such as that.

    Build defense Build Hammers Plan and it's pretty simple to be a competitive force, Theres 12000 players i'm pretty sure 150 of them don't decide the entire server.

    First WW villa captured by Fools of Alliance Hannibal Barca

    This 10x server has been the craziest experience of my travian career, it seems the server is finally fixed and lag has dissapeared.

    What does everybody else think are they liking the 10x, any early artifact/endgame predictions?

    Let's hear it :)

    I will say I joined up with SGR as some old friends were a part of that group as well as I wasn’t sure of which premades were coming, however once I logged back into my old Skype I saw many of my old friends were apart of cousins. Definitely a very scary team of guys lots of old players from GRID/Vices/Immortals and even the original tx2 qualifying server. All I can say is cousins is definitely going to make this an interesting server!

    To be honest, ClubScientist you left the server at moral high ground.

    Many of the players in com2 felt bad for you.

    But now you just keep on coming back and picking fights.

    I can't see any difference now between you and the man you hate so much in com2.

    to be completely honest I love everybody on com2 except for that single guy. The comments he made as we left the server will keep a grudge burning for quite some time. Truthfully I miss the GOW guys and I’m impartial on who wins com2(otherwise we could have splatted on Ajax instead of the GOW WW to help them even let a couple villas get chiefed)

    Fun to fan the flames here and see the action on com2 but we are completely impartial to who wins in all honesty gunners and ten I’m sure can attest we give them shit as well.

    At the end of the day your boy just wants to see some good reports (if they’re on Ajax it’s a bonus though :D)