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    Agreed Nothing honrable about working with teams buying resources, nothing honrable in using pretend people to play accounts, nothing honrable in zerging 4 quads against one,

    Im pretty sure you don’t play in Gunners so is this what you call your honor ?

    You sound very deluded, trying to make a lot of noise over a potential spy and a player found unhappy with their team, which was certainly not unorthodox and not like these tactics haven’t been seen before or won’t be seen again.

    Against all the odds the only team I see with honor is the team here with the strictest policy against those that break the rules. The team that believes in their players and their abilities. The team that doesn’t need to try to unify almost an entire server to do anything for the win. The team that’s not afraid to fight against all the odds, even if it means staring in the face of defeat.

    Confirmed Verdie! :D:D

    Mojo Jojo was perfectly fine with all the "Zergs" gunners did last round and this round. And now when they are on the receiving end it is suddenly not fine? :D Cut the c**p

    Yes... And the funny thing is that this was an actual Zerg. Full on confed. Not a temporarily pact between few teams like it is now.

    I will never play board games with you for sure. As soon as something goes sideways (aka “.. as soon as they were not winning..”) for you, you Zerg the other participants and completely destroys your playing to win just to deny the strongest opponent another victory. Sounds really childish to me and I don’t like to play card games with such a people tbh. But I also know from experience that when people play their best game solo against such a player, they lose, so I understand your Zerg. It’s okey. You only tried to not let the strongest guy win. It’s okey. That is a childish way to play, but it’s okey. It’s not honourable at all, but it’s okey.

    Chicken sound and out etc etc etc. <3

    you are not the strongest group, but it's okey. Maybe player wise you are, but it's okey. Your leadership made so many poor decisions already, but it's okey.

    Look in the mirror for once etc etc etc. <3

    From what I can see there is no big Zerg going on, its all just a reaction to what is going on in the server.

    I don't see the Nordics complaining about anything but if they didn't want a war on multiple fronts then they shouldn't have had such an aggressive game play against so many alliances. I think everyone knows about what went on between Goats and IKEA so there is no surprise that Goats are fighting IKEA, GOW and Duat have been fighting since the start of the server so the Nordic merge will mean that GOATS and GOW will be against them. During the TEN 2.01 war IKEA ran operations against both alliances so I wouldn't be surprised if we see TEN and 2.01 join in against IKEA now that the SE war has quietened. So anything going on there is no massive Zerg its just as response to the Nordic strategy and I assume they understood this when they took this strategy on as you don't see them crying on the forum like the GUNNERS players.

    As for a zerg against GUNNERS from what I can see this is just a response to their strategy or stupidity rather than a big Zerg. They started the server with a NAP with DND and started hitting GOW with Duat. Obviously 1 war was not enough for them so they decided to drop the NAP with DND and plan operations against them. As if a war on 2 fronts wasn't enough they decided to litter the SE with cat points just before arties. And for some reason they are then surprised that GOW and DND are running join ops against them and that TEN are happy to lend DND a hand by providing a little defence. Now with GUNNERS latest move of using a plant to steal the ST from TEN can they really be surprised if TEN join in any OPs on them. Quite frankly don't start a war on multiple fronts and then run to the forum to cry when teams retaliate.

    well spoken my man

    Please all take a moment to think back how well Gunners were doing around day 95.

    And look at where they are now :D

    Great leadership they have

    I tend to agree with Saravan that it would have been better to see a free for all (something I’ve been saying since server start)

    we agreed last server to a free for all. Gow was the only one who actually did.

    Also saravan talking about a free for all? While duat and ikea were already together from day 1

    Verdie, maybe you can blame yourself for once. Like GoW did last server.

    Atleast we learned from our mistakes and admitted them.

    You have a huge amount of top players and still you manage to fail this hard. This is the second server in a row this happens.

    Last server you had a 100% chance to win, but you lost due to your own arrogance. Also failed miserably at artefacts TWICE.

    Do you really think you can take on DND + GoW at the same time? You do an OP on us and dont expect us to retailiate :D

    You should have looked what we did wrong last server.

    I think Gunners is a really good team with many top players, but there is no doubt your leadership team isn't.

    I don't wanna hear anyone say after this has ended "you are just saying so now because you were bad at playing this game so you decided not to play for win". Rather I can say I told you so. It's not away from us, but from you, but you decide what you believe :D

    I'm a huge fan of long and detailed end speeches and I can promise you a juicy one!

    We are not looking for a win. We are here just to have fun. You may come at us and slow us down on our mission, but as long as we keep fighting with someone, slowing the participants of the ww race down and bringing in some Spice as promised, we have succeeded. Someone will always suffer and someone else benefits, either you decide who is who, or we will.


    For sure you are playing for WW

    Is not like we can trust you at all AFK :P

    Imagine calling 1qaz delusional when you yourself are delusional af.

    Hate to say it but 1qaz is actually right for once.

    We never hid behind our NAP’s unlike some others too. ;)

    lol thats actually true

    ikea and duat did hide it

    Batman , buddy..

    You are making it only worse for yourself.

    Is it that hard to admit your mistakes?

    You are talking about Gunners not zerging etc. Meanwhile you came here with the biggest meta + most of us know what happened last server. You zerged 2/3 of the server against 1/3. Something that started on day 100 back then actually.

    I mean, just dont man... :D

    I think its best to just stop posting for a while