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    core leaders are nc and Salme they were playing with vices on com1 with other gunners players.

    Negative Creep was Flint last com2, main leader of gunnerz. Also the instigator of the 3 squad war against us.

    We shot their 120 man meta down to 26 players in a month time :)

    So in fact GoW already beat your allmighty gunners :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    Good job MarkoraM, very nice to see that I'm still keeping you this busy :D

    To be honest i forgot all about you :*

    Bat Man , the talks with addicts were already going for a longer time. Me saying we have no second wing was a joke :)

    you say something about ten or rev, but nothing of that is true.

    I will make it very clear for every alliance in COM2

    Gunnerz is the property of GoW. We will be coming for Gunnerz after artes and we wont focus on any other alliance, unless they focus on us :). I'll tell you that now.

    Dont spread BS

    I dunno why you say "were they allways hold hands" :/ Gunners have way more in common with VICE than SGR, and their leadership are a bunch of VICE players too lol.

    Gunners are mostly VICE, so personally, I would love to see Ajax come through with his words :D

    I prgiphy.gif

    As long as you promise me to attack REVs if they think they can ''sneak on us''
    We want to finish gunnerz in peace :)

    and croco you have spoken.

    Gunnerz and TEN probably already have a NAP. Gunnerz is clearly sh*tting their pants with the thought of GoW right next to them.

    No worries my dear Bat Man... We will be coming for you :love:

    So first gunnerz seek confed with TEN and now they make their second wing :D

    Please stop claiming you are good. Real good teams wouldnt do what you do.

    We from GoW have asked for 1 server where squads dont hug eachother, but with teams like gunnerz it seems that wont happen :(

    We might lose, but we will never lower our standards like Gunnerz do :)

    Funny thing is without Ajax and Jack, Gunners would have passed gow's raiding already.

    Ajax you seem to be all that is really holding gow up in simming and robbing, without your raids and simming your team looks fairly mediocre at best, I suppose that explains why you have an inflated sense of self importance. You must be thinking it's all on your shoulders..

    Robbers of the week

    1. GoW 9355948
    2. GUNNERS 6737100

    I always thought the inflateded sense of self importance was from my parents overcompensating the attention they gave me when i was a kid

    But thanks now I understand

    Still im both the better simmer and raider than my little friends from Gunnerz are :(
    And also GoW raids double of Gunners.

    I dont see both facts changing any soon kid :D

    Atm our top 3 farmers steal more than your entire alliance :)

    Also Ten just passed you again

    My recommendation is just keep doing the only thing you can.

    Click buildings and resource fields and SIM SIM SIM

    I guess next you'll want me to explain to you that they can't hold more then 3 confeds, or you'll try to argue that they can't possibly help each other cross quad :rolleyes:

    A: Face it Gow doesn't have half as much to face in quad.

    B: Whats the bet Gunners will end up killing some of addicts defense for you?

    The best bet is that GoW will be coming for you. :)

    Then you will see why teams like Legends dont matter and what true teamwork and coordination can do to you :)

    Good luck kiddo