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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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    so people can't bully people out of there own account? or should it be a blind eye still? If you know them your own risk still lol.....but it <<<happens

    This is an entirely different story tho, mate.

    Sorry it happened to you, but it has nothing to do with the point i tried to make

    First Correction: yes core group was 4 wings but with allies was about 7 wings

    Second Correction: Shut down was for 2 weeks

    Third Correction: an NE army wing called Phoniex joined gunners at the arti time but yes other wings pretty much hate gunners

    4 wings were actually in NE, other 3 were in NW

    What is your timezone Salme?

    I feel we could be a good fit... We have some similarities in accomplishments last Com2:S

    Still youre a step above me in this,

    I wasnt able to get my WW chiefed:(

    Let me put them side by side. How exactly did you get "promising to make you regret" from "reminding you about your excitement"? This is the problem with all of you: inferring ridiculous conclusions and blaming others for exactly who you are. So, if i can drop some friendly warnings based on my experience from some of the most toxic servers, I will.

    And what is ironic is the fact that this is not even com2 forums page. While I tried to look for account in com5 thread, and advising players against not starting in the com5 server with valid reasons, it's you guys that started a com2 discussion in a com5 thread. But just like always, majority rules. Majority wants to be in com2, so they have more voices and can blame anyone from com5 forums advertising to not start in another server as the toxic one.

    Sigh :|

    Why are you so angry man?

    Who hurt you :(

    Thank you for proving my point :) This is the exact reason behind my warning. Here is the advocate of pleasant and excited server flinging accusation even before the server started... Now if you manage to quote me where I said that, I'd bow down to you as the master of the game. Else please take those words back.

    You should, especially, know that if I'm in the server, it'd be to uplift the morales for you and my other friends. But of course I know how this world works and how the loyalties change :S


    No, you're kidding...

    This feels as a kiddie server. Top alliance's feeling the way without much explicit direction so far. So no subtleties in inter-enemy communications for the s*it_talk:D

    Oh sir youre here as well.

    Let me know when you hold the small eyes again.

    (Just trying to spice it up a bit)

    Im joking bro. no offense

    I haven't played with you and don't know you to comment on your game play

    I'm just messing with Ajax

    On the other hand, my personal idea is that last COM2 was best server ever I played. high competitive and all out war mode with lots of effort.

    Unfortunately, due to life problems won't be able to join this round

    You won't be missed


    still don't even know your IGN

    I don't like that kind of servers too. Because It's being more like a farm game instead of Travian which is a strategy game. People come with more than 60 persons of groups, some have 3 alliances of people. It should be every alliance is really limited with 60 members and there will not be sub-alliance thing. Confederancy and other diplomatic actions are okay but this makes things worser. I ask to these people, what's my motivation to play that server against big unions? To get wrecked by 60 people attack each is coming as 4 or more waves? That's ridiculous. Who wants to play against such enemies?

    Servers where there is lot of premades teams are actually the only servers that are really fun.

    And especially servers like these is where the strategy part plays a big role.

    Good opponents make a server interesting, weak opponents make it more boring.

    And how much more fun is it to cata a toxic person? :D

    Imagine never having to go to the shop anymore to buy salt

    First time I ever agree with you :P

    Pridestalker isn't used to more advanced teamplay, really can't blame him.