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    What powerhouses? DND is just a team of yesterdys leftovers. Gunners have recutet evry nobb that plays . Ikea hallo thay did get wipet by Duat.:DDuat god this make me smile thay got 3 god plyers the rest i nobbs and overated childis kids.^^ goats and gow i got no clue abute ther capasty so i will not say anntying abute them. comon this server looks lie a stroll in the park.

    So my der cute batie wher is the powehuses? :rolleyes: i relly relly hope outers qwads can bring it to becus outervise this server looks like an long agana and waste of thime. ||

    How do you know all the words, but still type them all so wrong

    I am not on public chat any longer due to fluffy unicorns there like Loffee :). Well I see attackers lost there and it’s like shame for them to share :) but defender guide me to some YouTube song haha I wonder if he still have more deff to spare

    Loffe is lying to you.

    Duat tried to time cata's in between. total of 12k sword and 2,4k cata's lost by duat ;) + 10k gunners scout

    I agree that you would rek dnd. They confed you out of fear.

    Seems like you keep forgetting how last server went tho bud

    Remember when gow hyped up asky so badly early last com2?

    What a huge disappointment it turned out to be, this is the same lad who couldnt count up to 7 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Hahahha I just saw you put TEN in your forum profile :D:D:D

    Even Tonzo would be able to roast you for that

    GOATS had a NAP and a quad split agreement with IKEA, before things went awry. So lets not forget that they did quietly, what GUNNERS did openly. Not our fault DND hasn't attacked us and broken the NAP like IKEA broke their NAP with GOATS when they felt the server lacked balance.

    But Salvus is leading DND?

    Comon man:D:D

    Its such BS to claim you arent holding hands

    Very nice POV. Duat vs goats gives an interesting touch to the server.

    The chats i had with brezzok were created when Vices said they would come. After they announced they didnt come, the chats died a bit. There is for sure not a Goats/TEN/Gow. Our interest from goats was mostly ikeas vendeta with duat. Goats interest with us was our vendeta with gunners, who they see as their main opponent.

    But all this has changed now, there is no friendship between gow and goats and defenitly not one with the snakes from TEN.

    If there is truly no Ikea + duat meta then i can only say to you: GG :) go get em

    still tried to ally 2.01, But you make a good point. :)

    TEN is known for zerging, we seen what happened last server and on com1.

    Lets hope this time its different, GL!