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    hmm i thought morale goes up to 100% if attacker has at least 2x higher pop. Not sure its 25% cuz I had some weird reports

    1. Put so we can see storage capacity as well when phone is straight up not only available resources.

    2. Put so we see village ress production maybe same way we see troops.

    Apart from that getting used to it doesnt seem bad those who dont like it can turn it off.

    (Give us wave builder for ongoing servers as well ty)

    would really like having wave builder since playing from phone most of the time. About price well should be implemented with gold club to be honest. 50 golds isnt much tho there are many players who survive only from auction and having to get another 50-100gold isnt easy when you need it for bonuses and plus account. Make it with plus account or goldclub as some suggested.

    Do not make it costs few gold per send that would be worse idea ever.

    And yes tg needs to earn money for server maintenance and staff like any developers just dont make it so that it enforces pay to have big advantages even more.

    Server is far from over gap for us is still not small tho it started shrinking and is reachable.

    Its funny because heathens were trashtalked by web so much and now they cousing them problems in some regions I see. Can web fight unfinished war with heathens and still be competitive in spain/france?

    Will see how it goes lots of possibilities are open. One thing I am starting to be sure of is heathens might have slim or no chance to win but will be alliance to decide winner.



    Want an example of desperate action? Abuse region unlock system, bring 30 "romanian friends" to help you unlock regions from day 1 and God knows how many more who deleted once region is unlocked. So insecure about win to have use these strats from day 1 to gain lead in vp. Yawn