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    I would love to see more changes done to existing tribes, i like the idea of removing the trapper and the cranny bonus and compensating with buffs elsewhere... bcs gaul theme seems to be about speed (fastest merchants, phalanx is fastest defensive infantry, druids fastest defensive cavalry in the game) i think buffing the speed of their offensive troops would be a great idea to make gauls a viable tribe for off aswell (in some situations).

    I like the idea of buffing the speed of trebuchets by 1. I would also like them to buff the speed for swordsman by 1 and +5 in base attack value, i think all of this would make gauls a viable tribe for offense. I would compensate this by buffing imperians with +5 in base attack value. I dont think these changes would make gauls or romans broken at all and as a teuton player myself it wouldn't make me switch tribes either.

    Anyone who says that gauls and romans are viable right now as an offensive tribe (not including WWKs, i think romans are still pretty good at that) is clearly in denial. In my opinion playing anything but teutons for bashing hammers is putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. The new brewery is just stupidly broken. I think romans are only viable for WWKs atm, so if you plan on bashing hammers you will do a lot better with teutons.

    In short:

    -for Gauls: +1 speed for Trebuchets:gau08:, +1 speed for swords:gau02:, +5 attack for swords:gau02:

    -for Romans: +5 attack for imperians:rom03:

    I think TG is being waaaay too conservative when it comes to balancing tribes and adding new content to the game. They have been doing a lot better recently so i hope they keep going in this direction.

    I like this idea. This game should be more approachable to casual players. It should be more about strategy and not so much about having to check your account 24/7. I think it would also be a good idea to know at which exact second the attack was send for lets say the first 5 min from when it was sent. So if you were online in the span of those 5 minutes you would know the exact second when it was sent.

    so start including even more functions of bots into travian itself?

    your own little legal wakebot?


    Why is that a bad thing? First it would eliminate the need of such a bot which would make an equal level playing field and it would make the game more approachable to people who play without duals.

    Like PTP with warnings in alliance screen....

    just send 7000 slave fakes to annoy everyone

    They could make it so that you get warnings only for attacks (not raids) which have more troops than your rally point level