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    Finally someone I can agree with! I would vote yes to removing auto evade entirely.

    "I suppose you got countered ? :^)" You supposed wrong so sad buddy.

    If you took the time to read the example it was based on what I experienced. A small raiding party got unlucky, and was within 10 seconds of a random enemy attackers raid on my capital. As a result my scouts committed suicide by joining the returning raiding party of mine that unfortunately returned within ten seconds of another players attack. The returning raiding party did not strike the attacker nor their alliance, so unless he used a spy to see a small attack on a inactive farm then it wasn't a counter.

    You had my upvote until I read further into your response.



    A big no from me. Auto-evasion doesn't need to be buffed, it's already really strong. Sending attacks that can be countered? Farming? Deal with the consequence that you will have to keep track of returning troops landing before attacks, and not just blindly rely on an automatic feature.

    Realism shouldn't be more important than game balance. Unless the game is entirely centered around being realistic, which Travian isn't.

    You get to make your own choice, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    However troops that are not sent out anywhere do not match what you said, and I quote "sending attacks that can be countered". Troops that have not left the village are not attacking anyone therefore what you said was a foolish statement. If a small raiding party of 5 troops happens to be within the 10 seconds of a random attackers raid... Then why are all my other troops committing suicide while violating a direct order to evade.

    I understand that Travian gets to design their own mechanics, and of course it is up to the individual player if they want to continue to play a broken game or not. If you want to judge me for relying on an automatic feature do I also get to judge you for buying gold to gain an advantage over players that don't? "Judge not unless to be judged yourself."

    Let me quote you again "Realism shouldn't be more important than game balance. Unless the game is entirely centered around being realistic, which Travian isn't." Travian's online description "Travian: Legends is set in classical antiquity." I don't see the world fantasy in there do you? I see that it is based on an era "Classical antiquity (also the classical era, classical period or classical age) is the period of cultural history between the 8th century BC and the 6th century AD centered on the Mediterranean Sea, comprising the interlocking civilizations of ancient Greece and ancient Rome known as the Greco-Roman world." With that being said why can I not march my elephants on offense like Hannibal did? There is two sides to every coin, but hey you get to spew all the gibberish that you like it's a free world at least in my country.



    It is about making it easier, as the mechanics now are:

    NO troops evade when you have an attack within 10 seconds of ANY returning troops.

    It is not about the 100 scouts i guess, bcs it will also affect your entire army when found home and attacked within 10 sec of ANY returning troops ;)

    If I wanted the game to be easier I would buy gold, and then I would spend 180k silver on scrolls like other players do. Like I said it is about making the game realistic.

    the general orders are that no troops evade when an attack lands within 10 seconds of any returning troops...

    Wanna make the game even easier as it already is? When you're raiding or attacking, face concequences that your troops can be counter attacked...

    It isn't about making it easier. It is about making it realistic.

    Troops can be countered there is no doubt about it, but how can you counter troops that are not even on the move? I see your point now try to see mine. The update obviously will still allow for troops that were out marching to be countered, but a players scouts that never left the capital should still be able to evade as ordered.

    "If you do not understand your enemy you will suffer a defeat in all your victories." <-Sun Tzu



    Not quite sure what you’re talking about.

    The gold club auto evade feature currently compromises all troops within the capital when an attack is within 10 seconds of a returning raiding party. Troops that are being countered are compromised which makes sense, but the current feature also makes all the other troops that weren't being countered fail to evade.

    To recap what is above in the post... The 5 troops that are being countered are compromised, but the 100 scouts that were sitting in your capital not marching anywhere also get compromised... which I don't think is right. If you think that those 100 scouts are capable of evading the incoming attack then vote yes! If you think those scouts that were sitting in the capital should be compromised then vote no.

    My philosophy is that the 100 scouts sitting in the capital weren't marching anywhere, so they should still evade an incoming since they have plenty of time to do it! By clicking the auto evade box you are giving your troops a direct order to evade attacks, so any troops that weren't mobile should follow your orders.

    The troops that were already mobile, and are being followed by an attacker those troops of course should compromised. Which is fair.

    The troops that were not mobile should be capable of following their orders to evade.

    The scenario is hard to understand until you experience it in the game, so I did my best to provide an example outlining the current situation.



    Greetings good people of Travian! This affects players that send out many raids, and when a raid gets countered all of their other troops in the capital that were not out marching also fail to evade.

    Currently the gold club auto evasion has what I deem to be an error, and the error is that the troops in a capital will disobey a direct order when compromised by other troops that are returning home. To add clarity I will explain this in detail with an example. In Travian the current auto evade compromises all troops in the capital when an attacker is within 10 seconds of your own troops that are returning home. The problem with this is that all of your scouts in your capital will die as a result, and that is because they are disobeying the direct order to evade.

    How can troops that were not sent out anywhere be countered.

    Here is the example;

    Let's imagine that you have 100 scouts in your capital, and you have a raiding party of 5 other troops that are returning back to the capital. In this example the enemy troops that are attacking your capital get lucky, and the attack just happens to land within 10 seconds of those 5 troops that are returning to the capital. As a result the 100 scouts that are already in the village will disobey a direct order to evade, and of course the 5 troops returning home get compromised as well which is to be expected. In a real combat scenario the 100 scouts that were already in the capital would still follow their generals order to evade, and the 5 troops that were returning home would be left to die because they really are compormised.

    I do not agree that ALL the troops that were in the capital that were never sent out anywhere should be compromised since they weren't marching anywhere, so I created this poll to see if other Travian players agree. To recap the 100 scouts in the example are perfectly capable of following their generals orders, and that is because they weren't already out marching. The 5 troops that were being followed do not evade the attack which is logical, and that is because the 5 troops were already mobile. If you agree it's wrong that all of your scouts in the capital should die because of unlucky timing from a returning raiding party. Then vote yes if you agree! If you think that those scouts are incapable of evading the incoming attack even though they have plenty of time to evade then vote no.

    This vote could implement a change to the auto evade feature, and any troops that are being followed by an attacker will not evade which is fair; however, the troops that were not on the march should follow the direct order to evade.



    The librarian said "I didn't have chance to do anything, the thief was way stronger than me. He was hiding here and knocked me out, before rushing away with one of the books!

    The library was a mess as if a struggle had taken place which proved that the librarian was in on it! His story didn't match the scene of the crime, and Quintus Maximus noticed that detail proving that he was not as foolish as the culprits thought!

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    On annual special servers (those are the servers with merge, with only exception being 5x NYS which just ended) everyone in decent alliance has a trainer. Merge is more than a trainer, people merge from 7 or even more villages WITH a TRAINER :S. Rebuilding decent hammer in a week is not an issue as long as you have siege and willing to spend gold.

    Gold merge is very unbalanced feature. I doubt that removing gold from the equation is on the table though. The question is how to balance/limit it at least to some extend.

    Ya the merge function is so broken in the hands of gold users, and as for the trainer there is only so many artifacts to go around! My problem with gold users is in the Travian finals, and one example is where a gold user was able to get around 400 animals within 2 hours to fight for him. It is the little things like that which make the game so unbalanced. I believe that there is a way to balance the game, and keep gold as a function so that Travian can profit from it. There is just a few key elements that need limits, or else players without gold don't stand a chance. I am a fan of the forwarding function I believe forwarding is very realistic!



    You should not have used resources on merging in this case, but have used small trainer if you had opportunity to do and use resources on that?

    merging cost you x3 resources on 1x speed. trainer in small barracks/stable would have doubled army at same resources costs

    So a gold user basically has an advantage that is equal to having a small trainer artifact without actually having the trainer. I wonder how does that keep the game balanced? Maybe everyone should have a trainer to make it fair, or wait that would mean that the owners of Travian stopped being greedy. :D Tune in next time when we discuss a gold user capturing 400 animals on day 8 of the Travian Finals to avoid being destroyed by my catapults...



    So on the Com x5 that I just played I merged only with resources, and I was able to reach almost 180k clubs & 40k TK's. A gold user that was able to do unlimited merging reached 2.2 million clubs & 220k TK's. I don't know why I even bother playing Travian the game is so unbalanced because of gold. The part that bothers me the most is how tones of gold is spent in the finals, so.. how is that really a tournament if people are paying to win?



    I would like to change the Gaul trapper, and by doing that I would like to eliminate the building. Travian can then create what I would call the "sapper den", and it would be accessible via the rally point. This function would only be available in a players capital, and from there the players race would decide what they can arm their sapper den with. For example Huns are not defensive, so that race should probably get something useless lol no offense to the Hun players out there! A more defensive tribe like the Gaul players that might feel ripped off because I eliminated their trapper... That race would be able to arm their sapper den with something that is overpowered compared to what the Huns get. This function would change the game, and if Travian wanted to they could incorporate an artifact that allows for a WW holder to have a sapper den at the WW. This could allow for more intelligence in scouting reports, and it balances the game due to the fact that only one race can currently build the Trapper. The trapper is good early in the game for Gauls, but it eventually becomes quite useless. Where as a sapper den in the rally point would stay useful during the entire game depending on your tribe. The sapper den if armed could cause collateral damage to their own troops which could even be race restricted, and that would make it's addition to the game interesting. What I mean by that is Gaul for example (a race good for beginners) should have a 0% chance of the sapper den hurting their own troops, but Teuton/Hun could find that their sapper dens have 15%/25% chances maybe even 50% chance of the sapper den hurting their own troops. To clarify the sapper den would always damage enemy troops, but certain races could have a chance of it also damaging their own defenders during the fight.



    Valentine's day ride.

    The fearless Haeduan takes a long ride, for his Roman heroine sometimes likes to hide.

    She does it for fun, and she knows that the Haeduan's head gets spun!

    The Haeduan will ride all night just to find his favorite delight.

    She leaves him clues, so that her fearless rider doesn't get the blues.

    The Haeduan riders at incredible speeds, for he seeks his treasure it's the only thing he needs.

    She sees him draw near, so she grabs him a beer!

    The Haeduan hits his mark which is always his heroine's favorite part.

    She knows that the Haeduan chases her heart, and fearlessly he will doing anything to not be apart.

    The world of Travian can be a dangerous place, but the Haeduan rider will do anything to see his heroine's face!



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    I play DOTA 2 not League of Legends haha :) On that note why doesn't Travian link up with Steam to make a Travian 2? That way Travian can keep its original version going normally while trying something spicier and new on the side! You could do a simple 5 vs 5 tower defense format, but with a Travian layout & build along with all the skins for the characters. I wouldn't copy the wave style format in most tower defenses. I would go for the non waves where the two teams build at their own pace, and send units manually making hot keying important. What I mean by that is the buildings that the players build do not automatically send units, so you would want it not to be an auto system with creeps like DOTA 2; rathermore, you would want the players in Travian 2 to control & send units similar to how we do it on the original Travian. In order to incorporate the farming aspect that would require larger teams, or a free for all format. If Travian went with a 5 vs 5, or 10 vs 10 style game that typically lasts an hour like DOTA 2 does... I figured that a tower defense style would work best since there would be 1 objective to destroy to win the game which can keep games short. There is many speed servers that show Travian can be played at a extremely fast pace, so why not take it up a notch & make something called Travian 2? You could get the international audience that you already have to possibly watch & play in tournaments!