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🔥 New user interface & tribe specific buildings survey 🔥
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The survey results will form a foundation for our future work on the needed adjustments based on your wishes and suggestions.

    Gallic hero asked his trapper to produce cages, but his trapper was not able to. Apparently making cages is "superpower" of Natars.

    Teuton hero often gets beaten up during his visits to brewery and could use some bandages or ointments.

    Romans are know for their law

    Egyptians did once have a Great Library so they certainly have some scrolls and

    Huns could for whatever reason use bandages or ointments(which one is more fitting and left over from teutons?)

    So after recovering this "superpower", every hero could (?use its tribe unique building to?) "build" spendable items that are normally obtained from adventures. Although scrolls and cages do look OP compared to others.