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    The Natar Book can be obtained by raiding Natar's village with chance of 0.01%

    The Natar Book need to be consumed by clicking in Hero's inventory.

    You only can use the spell once. Some of spells has a duration of effect time.

    Some ideas of the Spell/Skill by owning the Natar Book :

    1. The Forest Sorcerer Book : You will be able to control a single unoccupied oasis . You will obtain all The animals army as your defensive troops, but you can not control/move to other village or as offensive troops (Single use only). You must attack the unoccupied oasis after you use the Book to get the Natures army

    2. The White Wizard Book: Heals instantly 20% of your own dead troops for the next 24 hours (duration 24 hours)

    3. The King of Natars Book : By reading the book. you will be granted random troops from the Natar's army. (I do not know the balance number...maybe like 200 troops and randomed? but you can not get natarian emperor and settler). You can control the Natar's armies as offensive army / move to other village

    4. The Witch of Black Forest Book : Once you use it on your Hero, Whoever player getting attacked (Normal mode) by you, will decrease their ALL production by 15% for 24 hours. You only able to use this spell to 1 enemy player's village only (The one you attacked in normal mode). (Effect duration : 24 hours)

    5. The Mandrake's Elixir : Drink it on your hero and Your hero will be stronger (Fighting Strength Bonus 5000 points permanently on your hero)

    6. The Destructive Book : Read the book and you will be able to burn down enemy's oasis by attacking it (normal mode). The enemy will lost any benefit from the burnt Oasis. However with Nature's strength, the oasis will fully regenerate after 24 hours and the enemy need to conquer it again to get it.

    7. The Book of Lies : Reading the book will help you to reduce enemy's village loyalty by 50% by attacking in normal mode

    8. The Book of Guardian : Reading the book and one of your village (must select which village) will be protected by any attack for the next 12 hours

    I'm out of imagination fuel now

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