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    Why don't just get gold club and active evasion

    If you play 2x its only need 4000 silvers more . That's not so hard to earn if you start day 1 ?(

    Yeah, well u forgot all this evasion thing is active only at ur capital village.

    as I remember the gold club costs 100 gold which is not what u said

    yet, lots of people do not use gold

    Its a great tip anyway :P


    Here is what I found:

    1The chair on which the man is sitting lacks a leg and the 2 supports that attach to it.

    2The handle of the door does not look like a handle, in any case it is on the wrong side, it should be on the right side.

    3man lacks finger in his right hand.

    ABA - 3t1X

    The TRAPPER ....2

    The trapper is a complex business, it causes a player whose troops have been caught frustration and anger,

    first cause he's blaiming himself for sending a raid

    ( on Gauls, obviously a full attack should be sent rather than a raid)

    in case soldiers are caught in significant quantity, start negotiating with the frustrated attacker about the conditions to release the troops

    talk nice, do not tease, speak about good faith, offer fair conditions for soldiers release ,

    Once it was possible to get resources in direct delivery, now it has been canceled. Therefore, you need to think of a combination in the market,

    such as making a 1: 2 bid in your favor.

    It is necessary to estimate how much it will cost the attacker to retrain those captured soldiers and ask for a little less so the deal will be worthwhile for him.

    The conversion rate should be taken into account.

    there's no option to free a part of the captured troops, once u free them before having your refund, u got no negotiating power

    Remember -The most important thing is to maintain clean communication and positive discourse to increase the chances for a deal.

    Good Luck:)


    ABA, Shadow Empires 3t 1x

    :thumbup:if u like the tip - show it

    But what happens when the village keeping your settlers is attacked using the normal option

    nothing happens buddy, it's impossible to an attacker get your forces which are in the trapper, if he menages to release someone it's only his own troops, or his allies forces

    so until you/ your friend decides so, you stay in there safe & sound, as I said - It's the safest place in the server

    How do you conduct attacks while you are not in the game?

    If you have farms and you want continue to get what they give

    even during the night, you need to divide the attacking forces by slow and fast

    :gau04: If you owns a gold club, arrange the same farm list for you, once with slow soldiers :teu03: and once with fast ones :gau05: and extra fast

    In the kata phase, you can add a :gau08::rom08::gau08: to every attack and manage another list of very slow ones.

    Once you have 3 - 4 identical but different times lists, you can issue attacks at the same time that will be spread over the entire night,

    or the time you are not there

    Even players without gold can execute, just do the same troops-out action manually, graded by slow and agile forces.

    good luck

    ABA - 3Tix

    Do you know what's the safest place in the server?

    specially when you have your first settlers which cost you a lot, you need a place to keep them safe until they're ready to go.

    this place is the Gaul's Trapper

    How it is done

    First you must have a Gaul friend which you trust

    2nd, you send your settler in a raid attack to your friend's village near bye,

    The settler will get caught in the trapper

    Then, when your settlers are ready you ask politely from your friend to release them for you

    If you are a Gaul yourself, you can do the same process sending your settlers from your 2nd village to your 1st same way


    If you send your settler in a normal attack they might die, so be sure it's a raid attack


    ABA - Shadow Empires Int. 3ts