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    svenie Ok I understand your position now. Thank you for clarifying.

    I used to remember that Roman legionnaires used to cost 440 total resources (possibly around T3.6), however Travian "balanced" it by lowering their cost to 400 resources.

    And recently, Huns' Steppe-Riders raiding capacity, was lowered to 75 resources per raid (Was it from 100 per raid, I can't remember).

    I figured if Travian was to ever 'balance' tribes, they only ever do a "few resources" at a time to their troops. Yes, it would be good to get rid of the old Trapper, in exchange for a newer building that increases seige.

    Anyways, sorry for the misunderstanding....

    Nobody says you would keep trapper then lol.

    And what is the other unique tribal building you speak off?

    Since cranny is nothing unique

    (1) Cranny Bonus, (2) Trapper, (3) +1 speed Trebuchet building -- pretty sure, that equals 3..

    Suggesting to increase speed of Trebuchet without a building, I feel, is over-powered.

    So you want all advantages -- trapper, increased cranny bonus, and increased Trebuchet speed (natively, without any building)... that is a bit too much.

    In the early game, Gauls have a lot of advantages due to their Cranny Bonus, and Trapper, and cheap phalanx.

    The trapper, especially is annoying to everyone, including other Gaul players, and many players fear the attacking Gauls, due to their trapper.

    I think, it it would it be more enjoyable in gameplay if Travian HQ removed both the

    (1) Trapper, and

    (2) Cranny Bonus (so that the cranny is exactly the same as the other tribes) --

    to encourage a more aggressive, free-flowing, PvP attacking playerstyle for all tribes, and also due to the reduction of the playerbase across all servers.

    It would be fun to see some Gaul-on-Gaul action, or Roman-on-Gaul, or even Egyptian-on-Gaul, in the early game.

    I guess they could balance the removal of both Trapper, and Cranny Bonus, if they reduced the cost of Swordsman :gau02: to total:510 resources (ie 25 resources less), and reduce cost of TTs :gau04: to total: 1060 (ie 30 resources less), but keep all other stats exactly the same (training time, offense/defense stats). It'll encourage some Gaul players to go swordsmen first, risking them of being attacked/countered by other cavalry, and the reduction of cost of TTs is necessary due to removal of all resource-saving buildings to Gauls.

    And in terms of a Gaul unique building, maybe it would be great if Gauls did not have any tribal-specific building as Travian HQ, does not seem interested in adding/or changing buildings for this tribe. Every other tribe has a mid- to late- game building, but not so for Gauls.