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    you my friend are dumb i have stated on com2 discord many times i know a player IN GUNNERS who is multiaccounting (not teching) because 2-3 accounts have his names from previous servers.And this is only what I know....who knows how many are there that we dont know about :D

    Just to clarify, can't that be another person using that players old name? I mean, I'm no expert on this, but i think its possible because I'm pretty sure the actual "Spam Queen" is in DND as NRA, and the dude in gunners is not the real Spam Queen xD

    except that you always only talk about GoW while Ikea and Gunners had accounts who bought resources.

    Luckily, your own leader knows that you are an annoying imbecile so it doesn’t matter what you say.

    just to clarify, Gunners didn't have "accounts who bought res", afaik we had 1 account that bought res and that account is no longer with us :)


    Your gunner bois did way more recruiting than he did though, that's nothing.

    He's not talking about the number of recruits. He's saying TEN of all people have no right to say we mass recruited without considering anything about our recruits, considering we actually contacted individuals and didn't join some group and ask everyone to join us without considering anything.

    We take a lot of players but once they are in we dont kick them out for being unworthy of the team, after asking them to give their time and money. Rather we train them and grow as a team.

    Incorrect. We've kicked 2 players, 1 for buying res and the other one was before server started because people in the alliance said they don't feel comfortable playing with her coz of drama on previous servers. But yeah, say whatever you feel like saying, doesn't really have to make any sense.

    i think you missunderstood the could be that you dont understand english well so i'll get over it

    you just suck at english just as you suck at travian no doubt in that :D

    Mate, if you want proper grammar in every sentence, you might want to stay away from the forum. Its quite obvious he understands English just fine, seeing as he can read, comprehend and respond to everything that is being said. Some grammatical errors in a second language is not a big deal. He's obviously talking about her way of typing and the way every word is misspelled. Not exactly funny imo, but it is what it is. Eitherway, Pot meet kettle, its spelt "misunderstood", not "missunderstood"

    Uh come on you're not doing me any favors at all trying to hide it. I did nothing wrong in gunners have not done anything wrong at all on any server recently pours. More than I refuse to play with people who talk shit about me. You did not give me the chance to show who I am. You listened to the rat and you can not stand for what you did but try to silence it. Your loss honestly and it just shows that the leaders of the gunners are weak.

    I told you joining back was a bad idea, but you were insistent on joining us again. You left a bad impression before you left the first time. Eitherway, we felt you deserved a chance since you wanted it so badly. So we let you back in acquiescing to your insistent request to join back. But, your prior exit and the conversations before that, followed by the drama people claim to have seen from you in previous servers caused some discontent amongst our players. They said they were uncomfortable playing with you and factoring in the requests from multiple players, the leaders were left with no other choice than to kick you. This was all explained to you when you were kicked, but you refuse to accept any responsibility for all the drama surrounding you and insist that we are bullies. Eitherway, it is what it is. I understand that you're going to keep calling us bullies and what not and its just the way its going to be. You do you my friend. I have already said what i had to say, both in dms and now on 2 separate public forums. So i will most likely be ignoring anymore of these messages on this thread because its simply not worth responding to them anymore as i have stated what actually happened and have no need to satisfy someones need to constantly play the victim. I have no need to silence you, you can feel free to repeat this nonsense everywhere that you please :)

    I do not know what world you live in. But that is nothing but the experience I had of the Gunners. They definitely do not give anyone a chance and they kick very lightly. Personally, I do not understand the hype with gunners anymore just a bunch of players who think they are good and really are not. Only a bunch of bullies and hypocrites hides in gunners. :rolleyes:

    (sorry Tonzo i know no forum but this batman dude is living in like denusal alternative dimension.)

    We've already been over this, drama from previous servers spilled over, people didn't want to play alongside you as they felt you'd cause a lot more drama and so Leadership had no choice but to let you go. You however don't want to take responsibility for drama caused by you on previous servers and keep trying to shift the blame onto GUNNERS leadership accusing them of being bullies. So I don't know if you're in any position to call somebody else delusional. I hate having to say this on a public chat, but since you seem keen on opening this topic on every public forum, i guess i need to respond to it on the same forum.