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    If you are going to pick apart each and every word Brezzok said, you have a made a fool out of yourselves already. We know we have to understand where Brezzok is coming from and he tends to mix up ideas just like he mixes up his words.

    so....... Brezzok mixes up his words and he mixes up his ideas.... And Packie is a fool for not understanding what he meant and for correcting his points? So whats your point? Ignore Brezzok and let him ramble?

    hey batty boy showing your reall account how fun, we can invite duat and ikea if it will make you cry more, just dont choke on them

    Seeing as the post was about GoW gathering allies to OP on DUAT and IKEA, I'm a little confused. To make us "cry more", you want to invite DUAT and IKEA to op on DUAT and IKEA? Perhaps, Dante was right about GoW IQ dropping now

    Batman sharing from his real account when he's actually got something factual to say ?

    To tech, or not to tech, that is the question:

    Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer

    The 3 min farmlist sends for outrageous resource,

    Or to store troops against a sea of crop

    And by opposing end them. To starve-to croplock,

    No more, and by a tech to say we end,

    The hunger and thousands starved.

    -shakespeare or someone

    Haven't been able to finish it, someone else feel free to help me out

    Luckily for us, we have the ultimate fighting champions, often outnumbered never outgunned, reining, supreme mighty Gunners who will make light work of Ten. Right, Batman?

    no no, we're fighting DND :harold: we have the lovers of war, GOATS available to fight someone atm. Maybe they can hit TEN?

    Lol fair play.

    In defense of Brezz I suspect he said that expecting there to be peaceful simming in the NE rather than losing spawns but this is a minor point.

    From my perspective... It is clear my previous speculation is inaccurate in light of clear evidence against it.

    Idk what you're talking about. Obviously those reports are doctored, probably using inspect element. We actually hit natars

    Taking the great example of certain legendary* .com domain metas, since us and DND were compared to 2 other alliances on com2, i will now let you know that it is pointless for gunners to take a ww and play for endgame since DND took some of our spawns and even chiefed a 9K EI ghost hammer. If we take a ww, it is purely for old times sake, so that we allow GoW a shot at chiefing our wonder to keep old traditions alive. As the great PP said, "Gunners are shit" and so i conclude that this OP we've done means nothing.

    If it was my call to make I’d be more strategically focused on making the ne an impenetrable zone, I’d kick the guys with ego problems that got in the way of this and send in a few hammers to zero there accnts.

    so basically kick both sets of leadership ? :harold:

    So, I hope you dont mind me being a little sceptical that the action of one player would constitute a meta level action. Could e the actions of a petulant player? A drunk player? an impulsive player? a player defying meta level orders not to engage? But sure I will consider that as a point against my hypothesis. I don't necessarily feel that its significant enough to substantially sway my opinion at the moment but it is noted for sure

    xD you're a funny guy. Freyja was in the GZ, our only hammer in the GZ and we used Freyja to hit duat because response time to get def was like 10 mins for the attack. They walled it. So imagine if we launch a hammer from outside the greyzone and give them an hours time to coordinate def... or 2 hours..... like i said, you're free to believe what you want to believe, but that doesn't make it true xD

    Curious of the extent of these blows traded.

    Our biggest hammer at the time got walled by duat in basically a 10 minute window to send def in xD So idk what exactly you mean by "extent" of these blows traded. Maybe it doesn't fit into your narrative, but there really is no relationship between the 4 four alliances. As for a deal between the nordics guys, i can't really comment on that, can I ?

    i mean, DND and IKEA have traded blows. GUNNERS have been walled by DUAT. Seems we're really bad at all this secret partnership stuff. Maybe thats why were open about our NAP and deal with DND from day 1 instead of ever denying it like certain others have :)