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    I hope at least every alliance leader is literate enough to realise that while yes we "admitted" using bots, nobody has said anything about breaking the rules. My bots never interact with the game itself and as such they are as legal as Kirilloid or GT. I also haven't heard much talks about us using multiaccounts - on the contrary, some zerg player was amazed that our techs have real players behind them and therefore refused to call them techs. (...)

    Our boomer off players with kids can perfectly well send their ops per second, idk why those in Goats can't. I wonder if they have tried asking them when they can send and when they can't before carving the send times in stone?

    GG from me as well, dropped most of ingame stuff around d150 due to IRL but was a fun round all in all. HILJA started out surprisingly good, we could settle among the first in ally landing a 100% cap, and tech IVAR could follow with a nearby 125% 9c soon after. The point was to be a gaul hybrid making as much TT's as possible and wreak havoc with them because we had heard that on coms ghosting even entire WW hammers is a thing. Was a bit sceptical at the beginning but holy cow this round didn't leave much to imagination on that regard...

    Over time the plans diluted as often happens, it was fun anyway. Highlights:

    - Goat ops after d43 and all the hype around that. Got some juicy close combat as a border account.

    - Arte day with the dream spawn that we got. Sat in voice the entire day coordinating mostly small artes.

    - Soon after that: launching the incomings bot which ended up processing more than 4000 screenshots over time and we were really not attacked that much. At peaks it could easily be hundreds of requests per day. Was nice receiving all those wtf's from the def team ^^

    - All the ghostings but especially slamming 53k TT on a roman WWK parked in a teuton village. Rip 13.5k catas. I almost never sent or planned these myself though due to schedules so all credit to hönö, Ben, & Amar for executing.

    - Endgame ops. I had disappeared for a couple months but still followed Discord and at some point I realised that we got like over five million off power and several WWs that should be dropped, and nobody had the motivation to put a plan together. I was a bit of an outsider at that point so it was natural to just listen and try to come up with an optimal plan, all things considered. It was ambitious but in the end people faked and scouted well, and reals were executed pretty much perfectly. All zerg WWs zeroed and us still having a 2-3M train to pressure with, we knew at that point that they couldn't realistically win anymore thanks to our unholy def counts, only decide between us and Gunners.

    Mentions, in no specific order (personal, obviously many more players had an important effect on the ally as a whole!):

    Jimb00: Was memorable to finally play on the same side.

    Kadonnut: Fellow night owl. Always a pleasure. Still a bot.

    Metsamies: The original inspiration behind making overkill tools for this game.

    Sane: Credits for making the incomings bot post directly to sheets!

    Tempus: Always there and always taking responsibility for stuff that had to be done.

    Arget: Red guy in a green suit.

    Loffe: The Swedish AFK that never loses temper which is sort of incredible. "Sends whenever" really means that.

    ViaDol: The oasis guy who proved that TEN did not have any extra wares and showed a route to victory.

    Nikuzz&Stone: You guys just light up every time there is some special action. That BP catapoint was next level.

    hönö: The reason HILJA was as good as it was in the end.

    Ben: Beast IVAR.

    Amar: For figuring out all the intel needed for top level ghosting.

    Aeklav: Friendly neighbourhood phalanx guy always stepping up to sit someone in need.

    Moxxi: Best WWK holder in IKEA.

    AFK: The obvious reason why we all are here today.