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December! 🎁 Gift time!
Every day from December 1st to December 24th, starting at 10:00 AM (UTC+1), we'll be doing an 8-hour giveaway in Discord! Don't miss ➡️ today's surprise! ⬅️
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    In the first 2 weeks your main focus should be on production and crannies, don't let the raiders take any resources or they won't stop coming back, spending too much on troops on early stages will only slow you down if you don't know what to do with them. Crannies are cheap and you can destroyed them later if you need the slot. Try to join a good alliance near you, inspect your 25x25 in your map.

    After you have the 2nd village, send some resources from the original village to help it developing faster. Now you main objective should be divided on production and troops training, even if you are making defensive troops, don't let them defend when you have a low number, evade them before the attack and let them accumulate until you see that it will comfortable kill the attacks you have been suffering, use the simulator.

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    you are wrong its not after beginners protection. its AFTER SERVER START most likely since if you attack an oasis from a capital and someone join the game 3months into server he would still have beginner protction. meaning the oasis will never respawn because there is always people with BP.


    It's a direct quote from patch notes. And yes, they should have said, in the first days of the server, equal to BP

    the animals aren\t respawning and there have been no adventures for a while ? or am i just expecting 1x to be faster ?

    "The second
    was requested during the Legends on Tour 2019 Summit and it is
    connected with the oasis. In the
    very early game phase, the oasis will spawn nature troops only once. If you
    kill all the animals, the oasis will be free until end of beginner protection
    (depending on the server speed -without extension), after this moment nature
    troops can spawn again in the oasis."

    Adventures are 3/day


    Elite Barracks

    Can be built on the capital and affects all villages.

    Here the officers are trained/instructed better to apply their new knowledge on their respective villages, making the barracks they are responsible for more efficient.

    Training time of all infantry is reduced 0,5% per level.

    Max Level 20 - Training is reduced by 10%

    At level 20:

    CP - 70

    Cost of last level- around 150k (wood/clay/iron) 50k (crop)

    Build time can be similar to Horse Drinking Trough