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    GUNNERS are a very good team and have now backed that up with actually managing one or two legitimate arty steals, without relying on plants. But even Batman with his rose tinted glasses has got to realise that their Leadership has been screwing them over with the direction they are dragging them in. They have gone from a position of strength at the start of the server, with every other alliance either too busy focusing on their own wars or in a NAP with them allowing them to grow in peace. To their current position where they have alienated almost all the other alliances to the extent that they have now have the majority of the server against them. You can say all you like about a massive zerg but this kind of thing doesn't happen by accident, its not too difficult to follow the chain of events that have lead to this.

    Its all very well spouting out all this bravado about being the ultimate warriors and being proud that the everyone is fighting against you, but a month or 2 down the line of having regular ops against you hitting 20 to 30 targets at a time, your players will start losing morale as their accounts they have invested time and money into gradually get beaten down. In a server of this quality you can not get away with fighting against everyone, you need to have allies and keep your enemies to a manageable level. The reason why 2.01 joined with TEN was because once the War between GUNNERS and DND broke out we could no longer see a way out of the war with TEN and we didn't want to drag our players through a never ending war. At the moment GUNNERS leadership are dragging their players in that same direction and if they don't start building bridges soon there won't be much left of them by the time we get to end game.

    OK. So to sum up, GUNNERs are justifying their actions by saying that it is OK for them to use plants to steal artefacts because VICEs have done it before and when it is explained that that isn't what happened they resort to calling that person a liar.

    I don't know what tactics have been used before, but personally I don't see saying some else has also done something just as bad is a good reason for also using dirty tactics.

    Batman, please stop trying to justify these type of tactics as they just ruin the whole game. As you said it is supposed to be a war game not a competition of what alliance have the lowest ethics. Just because something doesn't break the official game rules doesn't make it wrong. In a game of football if half the team joined decided to join the other side part way through the match, as far as I know that wouldn't break any rules, but it would ruin the match.

    You keep claiming that there is a 4 on 1 fight going on, but up until this point it has only been GOW and DND who have done operations on GUNNERS, in case you hadn't noticed there was a big Operation on the Nordics a few days back. However, after this I hope the rest of the server does turn against GUNNERS, as there have been no rules broken MH can't enforce any punishment, so the only way the rest of the server can show that this type of game play isn't acceptable is to take a stand against it.

    I didn't even know there was an operation going on across multiple alliance. All I can say is don't start a fight on multiple fronts and then be upset when you get retaliation. If you want a 1 on 1 fight then just stick to attacking one alliance. I assume the leaders in most alliances are in communication with each other and have a good idea about who is fighting who so planning operations to land at the same time as another alliance that has same enemy is always likely to happen, after all no one wants to put their hammers in more danger than they have to. It doesn't mean there is some massive zerg, give in a few months and the politics of the server will change and then chances are these alliances will be hitting each other instead.

    From what I can see there is no big Zerg going on, its all just a reaction to what is going on in the server.

    I don't see the Nordics complaining about anything but if they didn't want a war on multiple fronts then they shouldn't have had such an aggressive game play against so many alliances. I think everyone knows about what went on between Goats and IKEA so there is no surprise that Goats are fighting IKEA, GOW and Duat have been fighting since the start of the server so the Nordic merge will mean that GOATS and GOW will be against them. During the TEN 2.01 war IKEA ran operations against both alliances so I wouldn't be surprised if we see TEN and 2.01 join in against IKEA now that the SE war has quietened. So anything going on there is no massive Zerg its just as response to the Nordic strategy and I assume they understood this when they took this strategy on as you don't see them crying on the forum like the GUNNERS players.

    As for a zerg against GUNNERS from what I can see this is just a response to their strategy or stupidity rather than a big Zerg. They started the server with a NAP with DND and started hitting GOW with Duat. Obviously 1 war was not enough for them so they decided to drop the NAP with DND and plan operations against them. As if a war on 2 fronts wasn't enough they decided to litter the SE with cat points just before arties. And for some reason they are then surprised that GOW and DND are running join ops against them and that TEN are happy to lend DND a hand by providing a little defence. Now with GUNNERS latest move of using a plant to steal the ST from TEN can they really be surprised if TEN join in any OPs on them. Quite frankly don't start a war on multiple fronts and then run to the forum to cry when teams retaliate.

    Willb1. You could simply ask Ikea directly. They have demonstrated to be reasonably transparent with their decision making.

    Only a thought, I haven't actually checked myself, but the players of yours being hit by Ikea atm. They wouldn't happen to be located on sites very very likely to be extremely close to future potential artifact spawn points would they?

    Both Ikea and Duat are very much here to play hard. It probably hasn't escaped their attention that the majority of 2.01 have been clustering in the region near the central grey area. I'm quite certain they are probably not charitable enough to want to give away any key artifacts they can reasonably reach from their positioning to 2.01 or frankly any other alliance. I'm honestly expecting a lot of jostling to occur between many teams over the next month in the Grey and spawn regions as teams try to position strategically as best as they can for day 100.

    I know IKEA have stated that they want to take over the grey zone and anything less than 30 tiles from the centre they plan to take out, so they are definitely posturing for taking unique artefacts so you could be right about that. Though on a server this busy I would expect the uniques to spawn further out than where these not grey zone players are situated. Where I would probably expect a unique artefact to spawn is a bit of a TEN hot spot, and I am assuming they haven't been hitting TEN players as that probably would have been mentioned by now.

    Though the IKEA TEN thing I mentioned in my original post was just an after thought the real point I was trying to make, and has mostly been missed is that comparing 2.01 to the NE meta is a bit of a joke, we may be a long way off the biggest simmers but we have killed more troops than any other alliance and none of of our kills come from splatting scouts for hero xp. We came to this server expecting a fight and so far most alliance are more interested in simming and writing us off because we have actually been fighting in a war game, it doesn't matter if we win or loose as long as we learn and have a good time. So far our fight with TEN has been fun and educational so I thank them for that.

    It doesn't take much time to open a Map of greyzone and observe that 2.01 for reasons known only to them have decided it's a splendid idea to settle 8 of their 2.01 villas in the greyzone. And then act surprised and shocked that a couple of Ikea accounts might be taking an interest in them as a result. Who would have thought? 8o

    As I said before its not the attacks on the players in the grey that made me raise the point. We have had attacks from Gunners and Goats on our members in their quads and I don't for a a second think there is anything going on there. Its the attacks on the players 10 to 20 tiles a way from the grey zone with TEN members between them and the grey that I thought was odd. I am not saying there is anything actually going on but compared to most Batman's analysis I thought it was a more relevant point.

    NO one is begging you to joing us. no1 and no2 hamers of 2.01 joined us and from what ive heard from them,im clearly not impressed with how the leadership of 2.01 is operating over there. Leaders showing only successful reports to their members and hiding the splats and cataed cropfields.

    A number of our leaders have been contacted by your leadership asking for us to join you and this wasn't right at the start of the game but just a couple of weeks back was the last attempt. When it was clear that this tactic would not work you even started sending out long essays to our players trying to get them to leave. And we do not hide any reports, we allow anyone to post them on our discord channel. We don't send out reports in MMs but we do not do that for successful reports either.

    You should have thought that before recruiting the guys from GZ that are next to us. You expected we let them live In our territory? :)

    Yeh we expected you to hit them, its the players outside of the grey zone that you have been hitting that may mean you are getting into bed with TEN. I don't know for certain but seems weird that you would be hitting 2.01 players not in the grey as we are current no threat to IKEA, as you know we are very much preoccupied.

    You will find that players from 2.01 aren't that active on the forum or the com 2 discord chat, because most of us are more interested in playing the game, that the mostly meaning less spam that get posted. But I feel like I need to weigh in a bit here. We are the newest and, core members wise, smallest alliance that have joined this server and despite this we are top ranked for offence and defence points, I am not saying that we are the best alliance on this server but to say that we have had no effect on TEN and that we are comparable to the NE alliance is a joke. TEN have been threatening to wipe us off the map since the first week but so far a lot more of their players have deleted than ours, and like you said this has all been with out the help of DND. TEN have also been begging 2.01 to join them but have been so far rejected, that doesn't sound much like the pummelling you talk of. Finally you talk of IKEA barraging DND and GUNNERS with fakes, well you will never guess where they have been sending the reals. I don't know if IKEA and TEN are now working together but IKEA are definitely doing them a favour.

    The problem is there are always people who try to exploit the system, they can't just play the game the way it was designed to be played. You can keep tweaking the rules and game features, but there will always be someone who finds a loop hole or a way of using a feature in a way it was not designed to be used. You see it here with the vacation system and also with the abuse of tech accounts. Being the best player is no longer about being the best at playing the game its about being the best at abusing the system.

    I saw some one got an IGM from one of them asking if they wanted to buy resources, that is pretty conclusive evidence. I don't know how you can prove that some one paid them for resources and wasn't just given them for free though.

    I have nothing against people who play with techs, it is legal and is part of the game. I just think it would take the challenge out of the game. I am sure most of the players with techs are very good players, most seem to have a lot of experience at least. The most fun parts for me, is the achievement of beating a player because I have out played them. It isn't much of an achievement beating a player who is playing on their own when you have a small army of accounts that will just overwhelm them.

    Maybe the main reason is because there is no figth. Only diplomacy.

    Loffe told that many try to NAP whit his alliance. And is only day 7 of the server.

    I think this tell a lot of what is the bigest problem in the game.

    Hardly you find a server where you can have a good figth for the conquest of your quadrant.

    I imagine the reason why there is a lot less fighting is because all the good players stopped playing. Why invest a lot of time, effort and often money in a game when you are up against players that have a ton of accounts just playing for them, it takes a way the need for any skill.

    It's part of the game now, and fair enough to those who have made it work for them, if they didn't someone else would, and I am sure having those extra account draws in more money for Travian. But, personally I think in the long run it will slowly drive players away and new players will be less likely to stick around.