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    This is a good idea, for any players who are big raiders it can often be difficult to find attack reports.

    I was about to create a thread with a a suggestion similar to this one, so I will just add it to this thread. Having the option to filter out attacks and raids in the rally point overview would be very useful. If I send my cats to someone while I am still raiding I have to sift through thousands of out going raids to try and find when my catapults are going to land.

    In order to get in the secret library the thief would have needed the door unlocked, so he would have either had to attack the Liberian out side the secret library in which case the mess wouldn't have been inside the secret library or if he had waited till the library door had been opened then the librarian would have had the key on him during the fight so that would have been on the floor, which is not the case. There was also no mention of the librarian having any injuries other than being pale so how could he have been knocked out.

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    To change the subject a bit, has anyone else noticed a glitch with raiding? I don't seem to get a full bag anymore, I always seem a couple of res short even when there is plenty of resources.

    Its probably a bit early to start looking at WWs, but I have far too much free time, so I thought I'd have a look around and see if there are any early indication of who is going for what WWs.


    9 -8 - *** have settled a few 9c and 15c within the vicinity.

    -5 -11 Once again just some 15c and 9 c from ***.

    -2 12 Nothing obvious

    -12 2 One 15 c from ***

    11 6 One 9c from Delta and one 15c from ***

    100 0 Nothing obvious

    -100 0 Nothing obvious

    0 100 Nothing obvious

    0 -100 5 TNS villages pretty close

    100 -100 Lots of SE villages settled

    -100 -100 a couple of SW villages settled nearby on a 15c and a 9 c

    -100 100 Nothing obvious

    100 100 Nothing obvious

    I think that is all the WWs.

    It seems like *** have settled as many 15c and 9c in the grey area as they could, it doesn't look like they have targeted any particular WW though.

    TNS may be going for 0 -100 WW and SE are definitely gathering around 100 -100

    Make of that what you will...

    Some interesting reading there two alliances with the largest number a big 15 croppers are both in the NW. That is looking like the strongest quad at the moment.

    Little surprise coming up soon from NW stay updated & please re do the list

    We got some early action going on, sounds interesting.

    The forums are typically more active when there are multiple pre-made teams on the servers, but a lot of pre-made teams either started on com5 a couple of weeks before this server, or are on break after com1 ended.

    Looks like I decided to take Travian up in a few week too late then.

    These big METAs seem to form on every server I have ever played, but I am yet to see one become successful and win the server. They normally just become a nice collection of farms. Has this strategy ever pay off? The game does seem as if it has shifted away from aggressive play and is more friendly to players who are less active, I wonder if this has made these types of alliances more successful.

    Hi All,

    It's been a long time since I last played Travian, and it seems like there have been a number changes within that time; early game simming seems to trump farming, the extended beginners protection option and I'm sure those daily quests are a new addition. However, the biggest difference seems to be the deafening silence on the Forum! So I've decided do my bit to help break the ice.

    I thought i'd have a quick look at where the early game alliance are forming, feel free to add your thoughts and any early predictions.

    NE Quad

    SWANS A - Confederacy with - SWANS B - NA Pact with - ^X^

    ^X^ - NA Pact with - SWANS A & SWANS B

    2.01-X - Confederacy with - 2.01-A - NA Pact with - ***

    *** - NA Pact with - 2.01-X

    SWANS C (Would've thought they are part of the SWANS group)

    SE Quad

    SE - Confederacy with - S.E & S-E


    SW Quad

    SW- Confederacy with - SW2 & SW3- NA Pact with - CÆSAR™ & CÆSAR

    CÆ$AR - NA Pact with - SW2 (not sure if they are affiliated with CÆSAR)


    NW Quad

    DE- Confederacy with - DELTA

    NW Elite

    Cross Quad

    CÆSAR - Confederacy with - CÆSAR™ & CÆSAR_NE - NA Pact with - SW

    The NE is definitely looking busy, and battle lines look like they are being drawn with SWANS and ^X^ forming NA pacts and 2.01 and *** doing the same. There are also parts of CÆSAR in there too.

    There also seems to be 3 big METAs forming SE, SWANS and CÆSAR with CÆSAR going for a cross quadrant approach.

    Will be interesting to see how it all pans out.