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    Now now now

    Just coz leaders here at GoW are stealing passwords from other teams playerzdoes not make us bad. We ar3 just trying to liberate all the players from tyrranies so that they accounts can be better managed by Jackspwrow and Ajax.

    Ajax is a GOOODDD.

    Jackspwrow is goddd.

    You will all gunner or tenner jave your passwords taken and your troops be better redeployed so that God's of Warr rightfully win. Because we are winners. The best winners. No one wins like us. We fight on now until all the passwords are stolen and we win.

    Nobody else is able to come up with these winning strategies like GoW, you are all just not capable of understanding how superior our strategies are.

    For example, have you seen anyone else on server able to control as many accounts as Ajax without getting banning? No, we certainly don't. It would be impossible to have book that big to understand all passwords just as one example.

    It's not all Ajax though credits must be given for a little of the help.

    Jackspwrow been ok. His ops sometimrd not best though. He will be even better when he learns more from Ajax on running them.

    Ligorit also good tryer. Very good effort ligorit your always trying very very much.

    Mr/Mrs loooĺllllllll.

    Buddy settle down. I know its all very exciting. Troops go here. Troops go there.

    You get me. I know it.

    Battyman is clearly missing a Robin. Someone to lead and converse with, lead and inspire

    Look at him crow about landing something.

    He's strutting around like a 16 yr old kid who just got lucky.

    But he's clearly generation x and based of that last post....pretty sure i now know his nationality. Batty might be prime for a ghosting between 16:00 and 20:00 server time.

    Oh yeszzzz my brezzooka.

    The old "I'll show you my bits just show me yours first".

    Listen here buddy boo, I know from experience that showing my bits first is where it all goes wrong when I convince a sexy lady to come home. So I'm not going to fall into that trap on travianz, oh noez. Besides, you dont actually have any bits to show here do ya? This certainly does not seem like a quid pro quo as mr trump would say.

    The only thing I will tell you Mr "Candycrush warrior lord" is that I am on a "gods" team but I am also not really really on a "gods" team if you catch my drift eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr im doing my bestest to get closest to the brains center of "gods".

    You can cry for help from batman another day, this aint gotham city Mr Candycrush warrior lord.

    Yes, but we have no idea what we are doing

    Bro do ya know the hold ALT and + key in excel?

    I can show you and the rest of the GoW team it will help heaps trust me

    Saves me hours calculating stuff which is great because i spend a bit of time typing as I can still only use 1 finger at a time when typing makes it hard to send those waves with only my index finger but im getting heaps betters now that im in gOw and learning from the best.




    Alright bro bring your best spreadsheets. Lets jam. Don't even know who you are and don't care. Your all talk and no game.