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    Looking for a dual for the Anglosphere 5 server.

    Rank 3 for population, top 10 raider, high Defence and Offence rankings as well as hero rankings. Alliance is

    made up of good experienced players who communicate effectively.

    Due to starting a new job I won't be able to run the account alone anymore, and therefore need an

    experienced dual to help me run the account! The account is an OFFENSIVE TEUTON, 6th village has just

    been settled, and currently building up the second hammer village, I also have a defensive village positioned around

    the accounts 15C and other feeder villages.

    What I am looking for:

    - An active, experienced individual who can think for themselves and contribute to the account.

    I am currently within the GMT time zone so anyone outside of that time zone (or someone who works nights) would work perfectly.

    More information can be discussed regarding the account on discord: jashy#1720

    Looking for a dual for Anglosphere 5!

    I'm in GMT so someone who can cover overnight in GMT timezone.

    Account is a top raider and sitting at 3rd for population, just settled 5th village. Need someone who can send out lists, smartly invest resources and communicate efficiently. I will be buying gold so I would like someone who equally can contribute gold to the account.

    my Discord is: jashy#1720

    Top 10 Off-Teut Raider/Attack/Hero.

    I need someone to actively play from 11PM - 8AM GMT+0

    The account is Gold User and it would be necessary to help contribute to this - Looking to settle 2nd Village tomorrow. (15c)

    Decently experienced people only please.

    Either message me here on the forums or add me on discord: jashy#1720