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    IGN: Kralj

    future server: Balkans x3

    Right answer is 531.


    6+3=9 & 6-3=3 => 39

    7+6=13 & 7-6=1 => 113

    9+7=16 & 9-7=2 => 216

    8+4=12 & 8-4=4 => 412

    18+13=31 & 18-13=5 => 531

    First you add up the numbers, then you deduct and simply just put numbers together.

    IGN: Kralj

    Server: Midsummer x5

    No one did go out trough that door on the picture because the books are to close to the door. If the thief would go out there the doors would knock books away. And because the books are still there, close to the doors, guards knew nobody left the libary trough that doors.

    IGN: Kralj

    Server: COMx3

    Tribe: Teutons

    At the beggining of the server, when you are raiding or attacking someone always first scout him and then look in the simulator how many troops(resources) you will lose. If you can take more resources that you are able to lose, than your attack/raid will pay off. Do not forget about wall and other deffense bonuses your enemy can have and always make sure you plan a worst case scenario. ;)

    Kralj (COM4) (Balkan x3)