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    Attack order in travian isn't decided by milliseconds. If two attacks are landing in the same second, the one launched first will be the first one to land.

    So if player A launches an attack at 13:00, and player B launches an attack at 15:00, and they land in the same second... The attack from player A will land first.

    You might have experience as a developer, but that doesn't matter if you have no idea how the game functions.

    This is not true, server use more accurate time than one provided to users.

    So server calculate time at moment when request arrived.

    If you want to have 5 attacks in order you should start them with some intervals between them.

    Anyway, I will agree with you.

    There is way to send 5 waves of defense/attacks in one second and this is not breaking rules.

    People, are you serious?

    3 different people 5 times are clicking one button and you have 5 attacks with interval 100 milliseconds.

    And all this is happaning in right order.

    This is inpossible.

    Atomic clock is not important, you are clicking on mouse button, after that you have call to server at the end server have higher load of calls.

    Only way to achive this is to use software.

    The use of scripts is still illegal. Please report the players in game and it will be checked.

    5 attacks from different towns in one second.

    Attacks were ordered in right order.

    This is not possible without script or automated software, belive me this is my profession.

    Manually you can't achieve this.

    I am disapointed that noone take care for reports.

    By this way game is not fair.