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    if bots are allowed, travian team will get less money because no one will buy other gold features than +25%resos.

    if bots are allowed, all(or some) pro-player, skillful player, gold player, hardworking player, etc will go against it, because it will make this game less fun (for them), etc...

    well actually there are lots of bots-like feature in the game now compared to the past. but you need gold/money...

    The book originated from the Natar's capital village (0|0) at the tops of volcano in the grey zone which is the centre of the Travian world. The capital is surrounded by another five natar's stronghold villages which hold the World Wonder. and there's Multihunter's village right next to it (pretty suspicious to me...)

    you are just considering conquering villages but all artie rotations are dependent on this feature

    Thats not a usefull suggestion at all

    what do you mean?! do you rotate it every minute? hour?

    my suggestion is to add 6hr cooldown (normal time server, not speed)... and NOT TO DELETE this feature..

    if 6hr is to much than maybe 3hr or something...


    The Demolish Completely button which cost 5gold/building is indeed one of the most useful features in game. But this Pay-to-Win feature can became unfair when someone else try to conquer the higher pops village of super-gold player, and then that village suddenly become full of crannies with small population left. This make conquering no fun at all.

    Therefore, I'm suggesting a reasonable cooldown applied to this feature. And the more usage of this feature, the longer the cooldown will be.

    I.e first usage 6hr cooldown, then additional usage within 24hr after previous usage will add +3hr cooldown and it's stackable with max 24hr cooldown. Stacked cooldown reset after 36hr. And if dev want to make it more fun n profits, then each stack double the gold cost too.

    *normal ways of demolishing buildings is not affected.

    long time ago, player can mod/customize their own acc interface with anything they like. I still remember playing travian with space&planet background. But some people are greedy thus causing imbalance to the game, slow loading, cheating, scripts, etc etc. Now no one get that anymore.

    maybe they can reconsider the idea again, and limits it only to certified background & interface. Make it exclusively for gold club player or gold+ pro le se club or something...

    by the image, the books are lying right in front of the doorstep, as if the librarian is trying to slow down the guard from catching the thief by blocking the door with books. And he was lying saying:-

    "I didn't have chance to do anything,

    I tried to stop him with all my strength, but what could I do?

    you should scream help first!

    and why would a thief broke down a library to steal only a book! they should just come there normally, read it, or borrow it... smh. There are even many valuable things (i can see a pendant, some vase, treasurechest?, etc in the pic) there in the library to steal and yet the thief only took 1 book.

    This is where you prove your knowledge of the game. Slave Militia is the best def/time troop in the game and it's not just ''somewhat useful''. Sure they can be a pain to feed, but that's where Waterworks compensates a bit. :)

    Also I think ELE could school you a fair bit in general, so you might want to drop that cocky attitude of being the smartest kid on the block.

    slave militia are the best def for their cost and time, but it depends greatly on their number, they're good mostly during early, and in every battle, they will end up as main major casualties. thats why adding bonus to hospital can benefit it more.

    slave militia is the best def troop in the game?

    yeah it is the cheapest and fastest troop to train, so everyone call it the best?


    slave militia has the lowest stats in the game

    slave militia are not good def when fighting atk team with hero as they gave more exp than doing defence.

    slave militia are not good for passive player,

    slave militia consume lots of crop since they need to stay in big number,

    slave militia are not effective as reinforcement during hammer atk, or use it as anvil or def WW

    slave militia can hardly farming without casualties, or even farming,

    theyre not good def in late game either. not many people use it, if you use than show me

    How long have you played travian ? aas07

    have been playing since 2008, on and off. and yes im not pro either.

    I am fluent with FAQ :) Extra % in trade office is a compensation for Roman merchants, which are weakest in game and not an advantage. Out of 5 tribes romans are seen as weakest by many, followed by gauls and you with your proposal want to buff the strongest with HUGE extras. No offense, but you need to learn game more before making suggestions.

    so you're learning, very good. but actually huns are kinda looser too, even worse than gaul max cap only 2500 if im not mistaken.

    This is the point of the building bonus to make a compensation for the current weakness for that tribe but not that become so overwhelming.

    i add hospital bonus for egyp as their troop especially slave militia to be somewhat useful.

    i add townhall bonus for teut because overall their game became somewhat weak than other tribe. theyre the least pick tribe in the game. this bonus can also work with hun to compensate their need for cp as they got more slot from CCenter.

    i add R.point bonus for huns bcoz their tribe are weakest in def, so at least theyre better to detect fake atk

    i add marketplace bonus for huns because they're the worse in merchant trading. 500/merchant, add trade ofis got only 2500 max. the only good thing is speed 20 (second best, first is gaul 24, then 16 for roman and egyp and worst teut only 12, but they got more max merchant capacity than hun).

    and i add T.Sq bonus to huns as they already fast so why not? 8o, but this bonus could be much better for teut.

    all bonus should not be that significant to make them become a top at that things

    Cranny one becomes obsolete very fast actually, merchant one is not bad at all, but roman merchants without bonuses are however. :p

    Gaul cranny provide 1000 extra (50%) resource to hide which brings to 3000 instead of 2000 for other tribe. the difference are not that significant and yes it become obsolete very fast.

    Roman's trade office is important. At level 20 the merchant can carry as mush as 4500 per resources instead of 500 (At level 0) or 2500(if roman dont have +20% extra merchant bonus on Trade office, just like hun).

    btw i just make some editing to the idea

    So what you're saying is, that 2x cranny capacity and a boost to garbage merchants is comparable to your suggestions?

    The ideas of 20% bonus CP production from Festivals, 20% cheaper/faster healing from Hospitals and 60 troop fake required/TS works since 1st square are in a league of their own compared to what Romans and Gauls have.

    Try to be more realistic.

    well this is the primary idea, of course we can tune it down later to make it balance. cranny bonus and merchant bonus are not garbage either!

    This is My first idea.

    The Roman, Gaul, Egyp, and Hun now get a building equivalent to Teut's Brewery and the teut brewery are changed to other things. The name of buildings are named after their prehistroric site, religious site, or something close to that.

    The buildings are called: -

    1.The Pantheon Temple for Roman

    2. The Altar of Gaul for Gauls

    3. The Templar/Order Castle for Teutons

    4. The Sekhmet Pyramid for Egyptian

    5. The Hall of Attila for Huns

    Prerequisites: CAPITAL ONLY, Palace lvl 20, Main Building lvl 20.

    Function: Each level increase all troops stats (Atk and Def) in the account by 1%. Max level 20 has a total of +20% increase in atk/def power.

    Additional Specific Tribe bonus (Unlock at level 10/15/20):

    -Romans: Troops merge cost reduction by 5/10/15%

    -Gaul: Defense Stats increase by +10/15/20% (total at lvl 20= 40% for def instead of 20%)

    -Teuton: Attack Stats increase by +10/15/20% (total at lvl 20= 40% for atk instead of 20%)

    -Egyptian: Wounded troop chance increase from 40% to 50/55/60%

    -Huns: Troops Training and upgrade duration reduction by 5/10/15% OR increase CP production by 5/10/15% from all village

    *Effect gain to all villages in the account

    *the building stats and etc are equivalent to the previous Brewery.


    Additional Building for Teuton.

    The new building for the Teutons are unfortunately the same as before with a bit changes.

    The building are still called Brewery.

    Change/Rework: -

    -It can be build at any village.

    -The effect are confined to that village only.

    -The building cost and time are halved.

    -The CP gain per each level are halved, equivalent to Stable CP gain per level.

    -No longer provide attack value increment.

    -Effect: -

    Troops of the brewery village that stay in that village consume less crop and Unfortunately the chiefs’ power of persuasion is decreased by 50% and catapults can only do random hits. Each level reduce 1% crop consumption. Max at level 20 = 20% crop consumption reduction.

    and at level 10 onwards unlock new active effect (just like celebration) called Brew festival. The cost and cooldown are equivalent to Great Celebration. Brew Festival's Effects: for 3 hours the the crop consumption reduction doubled from 20% to 40% and no negative effect of chief power reduction and random target catapult for the next 24hr.

    -Other stats and prerequisite are still same.

    Thats all for now.