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    The only one crying here is you. pissed and made that you have no one to play against like the rest of your alliance.

    First, you recruited GODS, FM PT and TNT,

    Im not from TDE or GD, im just stating things that GD did wrong and coul've done differently to balance the server, but you only answer the parts that you want, so this conversation is pointless. Both sides are to blame, there is no innocents in this mess, GD mass quited and trown all the blame to the other side.

    Now go play s2, when things get harder do a mass quit again, once quitters, for ever quitters.

    Ofc area is important, for artys you have half of them at your disposal and to recruit along the game. We now that until the end many people go inactive and get kicked of the ally and others delete the account, and you would have 2 quads to recruit from and keep your wings full, while in the south you wanted SE and SW to stay individual, their numbers would only go down with time. You wanted NGp to stay indivual and merge with BK, that would make them nearly half of GD size, would that be fair for them? Or it is only unfair when its GD?

    The south united and GD stayed with less numbers, then do the same in and north, but I guess deleting the account is easier.

    By recruting in NW GD killed the possibility of having 4 forces fighting for the server, dont come crying when the other side does the same, and dont talk me about number, you want similar numbers go recruit them.

    NBA, when GD rejected the SE players from NGp they already had recruited in NW, ofc it would not make sense to be 3 quads vs 1.

    GD could've let the NW alone and try unite NE instead, and maybe then there would be a possibility for 4 top alliances in each quad, but I guess they were on a rush to match TDE numbers before artys, this was the critical point that led to where we are. GD diplomatic skills were bad, you cant expect your enemys to stay individual in their respective quads when you already have control of two. We all know that area is important because of arty spawn.

    At one point of the server, TDE had 4 wings in SW, GD had 4 wings in NE and NW. In SE Ngp had one wing and some lefovers from NGp++ and were at war with BK. That war ended and they joined TDE uniting the south. GD should have done the same in the north, why they couldn't its their own fault, they should have cleaned the house first before going to war to the south.

    Everyone wants to win, in GD minds it should have stayed like in the beguining of my post, but i'm also sure NGp wanted to have a chance and they wouldn't go far beeing out numered and being in the midle of TDE and GD (the strongest allys at that point).

    It could have been north vs south, most server nowadays are 1vs1.

    Im seeing too many people from GD playing the victims here, but they also could do things differenly, earlier they could have united NE instead of recruting in NW, and now they could have united the north before mass quitting like babys.

    Regulary watch the surounding reports, they give useful informations about your neighboors, attacks that they suffered, oasis conquered and at what time, these informations can be the base to you to start planning his destruction

    I don't know if this post is serious or if it's a troll.

    GD basically have the best players of NE and NW. That's half the area of the server, half the artys can be catched by GD first, what do you want more? The real opponent is TDE-SW that we don't know if they are good or not, they must be fat like pigs with no war. The other alliances are secondary, TNT is just a small resistence in NE, on NW they could form a good opponent for GD if they united but it looks like a mess, Npg is one wing and a half, and they seem to be in open war with B.K.

    If things stay like this, its GD vs TDE-SW, dont come here to cry when you belong to one of those sides. The real struggle is to belong to one of the other alliances.

    Since the last update the oasis are bugged, I open map to check unoccupied oasis and their animals and it shows X number os animals, if I close and open again 1sec later it shows a different number of animals, always more.

    Example: I open and it shows 2 rats and 1 boar, i close tab and 1 second later I open and it shows 14 rats, 10 spiders, 8 boars

    Almost all the oasis around my villages are doing the same thing