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    There are books fallen right at the door which would not be possible once the thief had closed the door. Moreover, why did the thief bother closing the door in the hurry? In any case, there had to have been someone who dropped the books and made the mess after the thief had already left.


    Travian COM 6 -



    Decreases costs of buildings by 3% each level up to a maximum of 15% at building level 5. Uses the concept of the strong infrastructure technique used in Gallic structures in history.

    Costs will be relatively high and can only be built at a later stage in the game and will help Gauls build villages faster at later stages;

    Prerequisites: Main building level 20

    Level 1: 12000 wood, 12500 clay, 12000 iron, 4000 crop

    Level 5: 100000 wood, 120000 clay, 100000 iron, 30000 crop

    CP increase per level of 3 with base at 2, population increase; 4, 2, 2, 2, 3.

    Building time:

    Level 1: 6 hours

    Level 5: 30 hours