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    Out of curiosity, would any of the MODs please mind to explain why HQ decided to plan this 24 hrs maintanance exactly on artefact release day?


    Anyway. Equipment does break. However this has happened before and evidently Travian learned nothing from this last time - joke incoming: the very idea that lessons could be learned and something be implemented to stop a similar situation from arising in future. Haw. <X

    Find the privileged guy who is in a position of power because his dad was rich that is making decisions without having a bloody clue or trying to think things through and sack him. Then let someone who is capable of tying their own shoes be in charge.

    I'm pretty sure it's the same developer who thinks it's good practice to introduce new "features" that nobody asked for (aka bugs) on live servers which are halfway through the round. It would be really really stupid to limit things to urgent bug fixes on live servers, wouldn't it? You know, and only putting new features (which ALWAYS break things) onto new servers? HAHAHA, what a stupid idea Elisa! Oh but why even joke about these things? I raised the issue at least four times while I was on staff, but HQ knows best... "give the players what they didn't ask for" seems to be the motto, followed by, "I wonder why we keep losing players?" Oh and can't forget "treat all players like idiots". I ALSO had days disappear from my Plus today, which triggered the info box to tell me my days were running out (impossible when you have gold on your account and the auto extend is ticked). I message Multihunter to ask if this bug was already known, and what reply do I get? Basically that it's my fault because I let my days run out. No, there is no bug! It was my fault. There are never any bugs. Players are always wrong!

    I get that some players actually are idiots. But I think HQ needs a new MH flag in their toolkit. I'd like to propose it be called "Non-idiot, so if they tell you something's wrong, listen."