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    CATEGORY: The Legend of 2019

    PLAYER: MRAD(forum name MRAD )

    WHY: ON COM3 this player is over achiever really. Best Raider most of the weeks. Rank 1 Population Rank 1 Defense overall and Rank 2 Offense (amazing combo of results so far) He can be anything which is very rare.

    Population factor:  32 Villages in 25 weeks server life. Always been multiple villages ahead of others with a good 3-4K extra population than the closest 2nd, although his bird is dated 5 days late in the server

    Meaning most CPs gathering as well overall and most likely Daily as well.

    Defense factor: Number 1 defense achieved in stages not in a single defending occasion, meaning that he stands for himself and his teammates.

    Offence factor: Number 2 so far which is really good given that he is 1st on everything else on boards

    Remember this server is just running for 25 weeks.

    Attachments included.