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    All in the family theme converted to Travian.

    For your entertainment only. :)

    (piano in background)

    Man the way the Teutons slayed,

    Traps were laid that Gauls have made,

    The way the Roman's played their games,

    Those were the days.

    We used to have so few rules then,

    The servers had so many men,

    We could use a server with 20 thousand again.

    We only needed a starting date,

    Alliance members pulled their weight,

    The end game battles were so great,

    Those were the days!

    Thank you for the weird welcome lol

    We were not expecting the mas influx of people we have had so it will take us a few days to process everyone who joined.

    Everyone is invite to the discord.

    We have a public room but there is not much to do there.

    I only posted here because we are new to the com servers.

    We know nobody or any alliance on the server.

    So I'm guessing this round might be a mess for us.

    We have enough transplants to fill the officers positions so I'm hoping that will help with spies.

    And speaking of spies, we have no spies in any alliances here. 8o

    Hopefully we can visit your villages someday and say "Hi!"

    I hear the resources there are plentiful.

    Hatter -WR-

    Diplomat / Hunter

    Yeah, I saw that too :S

    Hatter you accept discord guests or is it only for recruitment?

    Our Discord is open to the public.

    Right now Travian is the only game we play that is on Discord.

    We have a TeamSpeak server for other games.

    They even have a picture of two wolves shagging on their facebook page. Definitely next level.

    I don't see them anywhere on getter for Anglo5 though, so I guess they figured anglo was no match for them, and they decided to wreck .com instead.


    We left Anglosphere 5 because we merged into K.O. to help with a war against Teebus.

    Then KO, Reckless, and Teebus merged.

    So it was going to be sim city for months.

    We were bored. So we came here.

    More players. Bigger map. More well established alliances. Less chance all of the alliances in the server will sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya until the final days.

    We did not wreck anything sir.


    -WR- Diplomat

    Wolfenrecon -WR- recruiting SW Quad.

    We are an alliance from Anglosphere 5 and are new to the Com worlds.


    English language



    Sitters & Sitter check (later)


    Drinking the blood of your enemy.

    PM a recruiter for an invite and the Hunters will contact you asap.

    PM me for diplomatic negotiations and alliance assimilations into -WR-

    Refugees accepted with conditions.

    Hatter -WR-

    Diplomat / Hunter Discord