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    My man is a hero,

    Not afraid of blades and bow.

    One of the mighty soldiers of Zakhar,

    Villages fear them from near and far.

    I feel so safe with him by my side,

    And I'm dead-scared when for battle he about to ride.

    Just like the war that wiped DE,

    The battle well fought for honor and glory.

    I know you must go when duty calls,

    My mind is wary thinking your fall.

    But in your strength I will live,

    In your bravery and might I believe.

    So tomorrow before you leave,

    Tonight all of my kisses I will give.

    My love for you rages like fire,

    Enough to shield you from battle wounds you may acquire.

    Be strong and take your sword,

    I know you are ready to take the world.

    I will be here when you return my hero, my man,

    And I will hold you as tight as I can.

    Nickname: matt czuchry

    Gameworld: COM 6