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    For those without an account but curious what's going on - can someone provide a snapshot of where the server is at right now? (including even what day it is?)


    1) what happens if WW village is zero-popped?

    2) if someone with eyes artifact reinforces another account with scouts, is the artifact affect applied? (this must be "no" ?)

    3) what are the best alliances doing for ally bonuses, for order of completion?

    that is all for now

    Proposal: When a village is chiefed (or changes actual owners) it is automatically removed from farm list. This would/could apply to villages changing to natar as well, and maybe even cover abandoned oases

    I would love new scout seeing abilities, that could become available at a certain smithy level or as a new option for "what to scout". A few potential new ones below:

    - smithy levels of enemy troops in that village

    - net crop production in the village

    - loyalty of the village

    - total troop movements into/out of scouted village

    Hi - is there any strategy behind managing a two-wing alliance in terms of alliance bonuses? Should it be all top accounts in 1 wing to max bonus while the other wing has much less, or a balanced approach? Other considerations around this related to off/def accounts?


    Hey - I'd love to see a feature in the Reports section where you can add even more filters to the reports (existing filters are already great, but the more the merrier I say). I'm sure this has been brought up before but I've included some suggestions below.

    A few that I think would be useful:

    - filter to attacks vs raids (this is what motivated this post)

    - filter based on troops involved in the attack (similar to dominant resource option for merchant reports) and/or filter to attacks with more than X troops involved (like in alliance reports)

    - filter to read/unread reports only

    - categories for surrounding reports?

    - filter by which village the report pertains to

    Edited to include a great suggestion from below

    Hello - can someone please explain all considerations of this tactic?

    I assume these are the variables:

    • EI level in smithy
    • Population difference between the raider and farm
    • Wall and residence/palace level in farm

    Your guidance is much appreciated.


    Good point, but in this case we will not be losing the spawn - it's only a few fields from the cap. As a result, our goal is to maximize total production across both villages. The question could also be applied to upgrading v3 versus fields in cap, when is the payoff better given the field levels?

    Doing math by myself at the moment, but if anyone has a resource they use, please share :)

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a calculator/table that will tell the payback time of ANY field. I know that this tool exists for crop (among others, and kirilloid can tell you when to build the bonus buildings/HM for all resources. What I'm struggling with is how to develop a cropper (second village) while also upgrading the spawn. For example, should I upgrade my crop fields to 7 in cap before bringing my iron mines to 4 in the spawn?

    I know I COULD do these calcs by myself, but figured I'd see if the work has been done for me. :)


    Update for anyone who was curious: the animals respawn essentially IMMEDIATELY after exactly 5 days, and they respawn pretty friggin fast. I would suggest having troops stop hitting oases exactly at the 5 day mark (when the first BP ends for players who started exactly at server start). My troops learned this the hard way!


    Thanks everyone for your replies!

    Follow up question for those who have already seen a server with this new animal-respawn rule: what does it look like when the 5-day grace period is over? Immediately animals start respawning? How much does it resemble the old days of animal respawns?


    Hey mates,

    It appears I'm a bit out of the loop on the latest travian developments. For example, animals are not respawning in oases until the end of BP - that is something I've never seen before. Now I'm wondering about another rule that I've heard was implemented on a couple of other servers.

    I'm wondering what the rule is for "spiking" of inactives on this server? Can you only reinforce allies/confeds, essentially eliminating spikers? Or is it going by the old school rules, where anything goes?

    On a related note, how are defense points calculated on com4? Is it based on the village owner or the troop owner? Sorry if some of these things are now standard on Travian, as I said I am clearly a bit out of the loop with latest version. Thanks!

    Thank you for the fast reply!

    I know that it can easily be done via cropper's production alone, especially with good oases, but that seems like it will halt my simming growth too much? I'm having trouble imagining exactly how much this will strain the rest of the account... maybe it won't be as bad as I think.

    ***I suppose really my question is centered on how many support/total villages I should reasonably expect to have at day 50, assuming I'm around rank 20-40 population or so (obviously this varies by server but on average)?

    As for raiding, I just don't have time anymore. Maybe once the hammer grows a bit I can create a few farm lists to send when i log in, but a dedicated raiding effort is beyond me at this point in life. I've never built a hammer without raiding a bunch, thus all these questions :)


    I am a veteran travian player (despite this being my first forum post!) who is trying to run some calculations before starting my next server.

    The plan

    tribe: Romans (unless a strong argument is made otherwise)

    Gold: “upper middle class” (Lots of NPC etc but no crazy bids on helmets)

    raiding: NONE! Unless I have a generous sitter

    Strategy: fast settle 150% 15c, sim until day ~50, commence 24/7 hammer building (to capture unique arti on day 100), settle into a defensive role

    the questions

    - based on my calculations, the hammer will be big enough if I start building 24/7 (no GB/GS) by day 50, possibly day 60 if weak server. Is my math ok here?

    - the real question is resources to build 24/7 without any raiding, and of course feeding will be an issue at the end. For Romans I think 24/7 building (ignore siege for now) will take ~30k/hr in resources

    - So the big question is, how likely is it to be able to do that starting on day 50?? How many villages does the ~20th or 40th pop rank player have at day 50 usually? Other resource streams I’m not considering?

    - Obviously I don’t want to totally stop upgrading my cropper whenever the army starts, so hammer-building resources would have to be come largely from support villages, and I’m not sure if enough of those will be ready 50 days in?

    Any insights from those who have tried these types of strategies would be greatly appreciated!