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    hey stop lying,

    your polish squad told that you refused the NAP but you had to accept it after the Chinese and the russians drove you out of the remaining sites of BP

    dont try to make yourself the great planer, you are just a Pinocchio..
    as always pathetic

    LOL look who's talking. Remember when you said we bought the architecture artefact? :D

    You are trying since day 1 to make peace with us. Sending many players and trying to find someone to listen to you but when we refused you got mad. Even Uollas leaders tried to make peace and wanted our help to fight HIT. :D You will always be LOSERS!. Try to play with Russians next time maybe you can win. Well, if they accept you. As your leader once said "Uollas is a great ally and they are strong. In fact, too strong that others are afraid of them and no one will attack them and we will play in peace" I always laugh when I hear our players make jokes about this great saying. :D :D

    they lost everything but the HIT saved them by capturing 2 BP.. it was the big big NAP that turned into a meta ;)

    Yes it was the big big NAP that was agreed on since the beginning but it was a top secret known to only few leaders so you will keep feeling smart about yourself. We made everyone think that SE had no chance of winning. Our strategy worked out just the way it was planned. I bet you feel smart now :D

    Poor member

    Came to fight Ciccio_Shady_IT , che ansia and Narse and ended up being sold for some cash to ML

    At least some of the new Italians got some money through this finals by selling their plan and their members

    ML as new meta shows this server again that you can achieve a lot by just using money to buy player.

    Could be the first and last finals of the meta called „ML“

    Do you have any evidence to support your claim?

    or is it just Media talk :D

    before the server begunn i was one of many who called for unity among arabs, but sadly its impossible rather better not to unite with these ML leaders

    Sure it's impossible to unite as long as your leaders have no respect to others.

    All I see is a repetition money money money cash money and cash LOL it is clear who is the parrot here. You keep crying to change the subject. You hacked an account and destroyed building using gold and changed capital. This is the proof that you are disgusting kids pretending to be honorable.

    Talking about Tournament achievements :D :D

    Our biggest sit back was because your leaders wanted personal gains and made lots of problems with everyone. Tell me what is your tournament achievement that you are bragging about? Deleting and leaving players? The worst tournaments for Arabs was when your leaders were allowed to take the shots.

    Ask your leaders who offered 500$ for the fool artefact to take it back LOL.

    IF and that is a big IF, you are good and have the best leadership as you keep saying then show us what can you do other than crying in the forum.