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    If the thief had left from that door, it would had been impossible for books to be lined up on the inside side of the door after he closed the door behind him. The books have been put there from someone inside to create the scenery.

    Advice for the long run, for defenders, especially Gauls.
    You should specialize certain villages in the production of phalanxes, and fewer on the production of Druidriders. Also some villages just to support with resources the troop production villages.
    Some people create their defensive army just from the capital in order to avoid spending resources for barracks/stable/smith level 20 in many villages. This strategy, indeed, will save you resources. But later on , during mid and late game, when your army takes part in a major fight and you lose a great percentage of your army (or even 100% of it) , you will not have the potential of rebuilding it faster since upgraded units will be able to be trained only in one Barrack/Stable. If you spend more for the suggested infrustructure early, you will be able to replenish casualties later much faster since after a fight with huge losses, you will train troops simultaneously in 5-7 barracks and 2-3 stables.

    My suggestions are for casual players, with no to little gold who are going to be active several times during the day but not for too long.
    You should really adjust your game style and priorities on the time you have available to be online. Don't try to compete super-active players with their own strategies if you have limited time to play. That means that during the early stages, you should have enough crannies to hide all the resources that you will produce from the time you log off until the time you log in again ( yes , you need to calculate that :D ).
    Gauls should use some traps, not too many, and always release the captured units so that your traps are rebuilt again for free and also don't provoke a bigger attack from a bigger player who wants to release his troops, or just for revenge. By the time you are ready to expand for 2nd village, make sure that you are in the right alliance for you and try to settle in an area with more allies than enemies. By that time your role should be clear, if you are going to build offense or defense. Don't try to do both, and stick to the original decision.

    EVERY DAY train 20-40 troops (starting 3 days before the protection ends). Trade and negotiations are good, but army is better. It's a war game after all. !

    Hi there. There could be a building, more or less for everyone , possible to build only in capital and having effect only to Capital's troops.
    Name something like Espionage Office and it would work like that: Having a large cooldown after usage, it would offer protection against enemy spies during the next troop march. That means that when using it, you send your next limited number of attacks (let's say 5-10) and the defender doesn't get warned till much later. Red swords and landing time appear when the army has already marched 80% of the whole distance making defense gathering much harder.Maybe an exception of rams/catapults/chieftains in the army could apply, or maybe not :D . It would also work for distances over 25-30 fields.
    Since the general idea is to add a function that could help deceive the defender ,and make the game more spicy it could also work differently, and give from the beginning warning to defender, but with wrong information. Tottaly wrong timings.