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    Just boasting

    The picture is culture points interface from residence. You don't know the language, but you can guess the text. Controlled villages - 21, maximum controlled villages - 20.

    How did it happen?
    Took 2 villages in 1 second.

    An interesting fact.

    Borg, Baltics 5

    Cooperate with your alliance members as early as the first days of the server. If you are farming, clear nature troops with several heroes, and carry the resources out to several villages. If you try to keep a cleared oasis to yourself, remember, that your neighbours can carry out resources before you can do it alone.

    Borg, Baltics 5

    Use your time wisely - don't build defensive troops in the very beginning of the game. The crannies are much cheaper, and give culture points. But be ready to produce defence troops a little before the first catapults roll out, it usually happens after the first month of the game.

    Borg, Baltics 5

    Find the best alliance you can. The alliance should be in your region, you will need a helping hand sooner or later! No matter how nice and charming is the person, he won't be able to help you from 100 fields away, at least not in the early stages of the game.

    Borg, Baltics 5

    Register early in the game, most preferably - on the day 1. On the second day your neighbour will have 5x more resource income than you. Resources are crucial to win this game.

    The germans have been neglected as farmers, since hunns have been invented, and, in case of special servers, germans have been used mostly for building spears - their superior anti-cavalry deff. I believe, thet was not the original intention in creating the race :) So, my suggestion would be - the unique building would allow the original german plunder bonus - the club swingers could put their stealing hands into crannies, if they have to compete with hunns in farming.

    So, the name of the building -
    Maypole (Maibaum)

    Description -
    german troops gain plunder bonus without the hero - just like in the good old times!

    Behaviour at different levels -
    every level adds 0,5% plunder bonus, total 10% at lvl 20.

    The parameters like cost, cp and building times I would leave to Travian team as much more competent than I.