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    It really depends on what kind of style you wanna play, how close your 15c is to your spawn, how much income you have, etc.

    Just build your granary and warehouse so that you can NPC 2 fields at a time and let them build. You can decide whether you want to instantly finish them or not. If not, then just build granary and warehouse the way so that you NPC the next 2 fields once the previous 2 have finished building. You can even go 3 or 4 fields per NPC and much higher granary and warehouse, but this will slow you down.

    It´s really just simple math.

    3rd grade math is the only thing you need. You don´t need a guide.

    NPC costs 3 gold, insta-build costs 2 gold. Now do the math.

    Level 4 EIs is enough.


    If you sim early on, don´t listen to the posts above and don´t build any defensive troops. Troops not only cost precious resources but also upkeep. This hurts your economy. Worst case scenario you are asleep and some aggressive teuton wants some XP and kills your units, setting your account back for days.

    Until catapults are out, nobody can really do any harm to you. The crannies you build while under BP for CP production are plenty.

    With oases not respawning troops during the initial beginner's protection period and the heroes regaining all health when leveling, raid starts will be much more common for all tribes. And those who do it well will settle ahead of those who sim. I say that even though I generally sim well enough to claim a 125% or 150% 15C cropper. I would suggest building enough troops early to carry 4K resources and hero bomb a few oases while keeping your troops busy raiding the oases others have cleared the rest of the time. Don't risk your troops and don't build too many until after you settle your second village. Teamwork is definitely worthwhile here, too.

    Well, did not work for me.