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    For as far I know, there is not even one tech user in the NewOrder alliance. The only tech's they raid are from the Russian meta. At the start of the server, a couple of accounts where kicked from the alliance because of tech-usage. NewOrder is against tech usage and rather die playing fair than having to cheat to win

    I have 300k income with my 11 vills and i am tech. And human. Just playing in team. I dont have a lot of time this summer so i see no reason to play off/def, but i could be good tech. So now i am tech-acc and pretty useful for my team.

    Why da hell its cheating, lol?

    btw moral bonus is bs. U can play with 2 vills(15+150 and off) and create a lot of troops with great def-bonus.

    And no bonus for "newbies" - they will be reckted anyway.

    As I mentioned, a tech account played by a invividual I don't consider as cheating. As long this tech account is played by a real player which only plays that account.

    The problem (and the cheating) is that a lot of players control multiple tech accounts (not played by other players), which makes it just multi-accounts in the form of tech players.

    So tech account played by a real player which plays that single account = OK

    Multiple tech accounts which are played by the same owner = cheating

    The problem at the moment is that some players have the resources (or a lot of cousins or a good method to not get detected) to farm enough to feed 300k crop consumption with only 6 villages, while still training 24/7. In my opinion you can't call this strategy, it is just abusing the resources. It is fine for me if a player can do this when he is supported by a whole team consisting out of people who play their own account. The only problem is that it is very clear that those tech accounts are not played by individuals, which makes it against the rules and gives a unfair adventage.

    You can call it strategy, but in my opinion cheating is no strategy, it is a way to win for people who can't win with skills and strategies

    I think in they end these Nutz won the server. It was maybe not obvious but there were with ML. They didn't do anything to help them, little like Istanbul, but they claim to be with them the whole server on forum and that's why they also won.

    In comparison to the arab/turk meta was cows much better in average indeed (average player twice as good), but the smaller meta's were in average better than cows in the end (the smaller the meta, the better the average player).

    It looks to me the biggest meta just wins, even having much worse average stats than others

    So based on these numbers you can conclude the next things:

    Population Statistics

    The Cow Meta: 5608146 (~5.6m)

    The Arab & Turk Meta: 30403222 (~3m) [You made a typo in the number here]

    ILS: 2120861 (~2m)

    NewOrder: 701581 (~0.7m)

    Nutz: 489808 (-4.9m)

    Which makes the averages as following:

    The Cow Meta: 11.539 average pop per player

    The Arab & Turk Meta: 5.232 average pop per player

    ILS: 11.104 pop average pop per player

    NewOrder: 15.251 average pop per player

    Nutz: 22.264 average pop per player

    Off Points Statistics

    The Cow Meta: 58095411 (~58.1m)

    The Arap & Turk Meta: 25067035 (~25.1m)

    ILS: 18274429 (~18.3m)

    NewOrder: 9614743 (~9.6m)

    Nutz: 7249968 (-7.2m)

    Which makes the averages as following:

    The Cow Meta: 119.538 average off points per player

    The Arab & Turk Meta: 43.145 average off points per player

    ILS: 95.678 average off points per player

    NewOrder: 209.016 average off points per player

    Nutz: 329.544 average off points per player

    Def Points Statistics

    The Cow Meta: 45966777 (~46m)

    The Arap & Turk Meta: 26700356 (~26.7m)

    ILS: 36162901 (~36.2m)

    NewOrder: 7701494 (~7.7m)

    Nutz: 4626197 (-4.6m)

    The Cow Meta: 94.582 average deff points per player

    The Arap & Turk Meta: 45.956 average deff points per player

    ILS: 189.335 average deff points per player

    NewOrder: 167.424 average deff points per player

    Nutz: 210.282 average deff points per player

    The Cow Meta: 26 WWKs (13 vs ILS, 13 vs ML) & 16 Armies for GA (Great Architect) Steal Attempt (Unsuccessful by Cows + LoL vs ILS) & 5k Phalanx for BP Steal Attempt (Successful by Cows vs ML)

    The Arap & Turk Meta: 19 WWKs (All by M.L. vs Cows) & 8 Armies for BP Steal Attempt (Unsuccessful by Istanbul vs Cows)

    ILS: 2 WWKs vs Cows

    NewOrder: 0 WWKs & 7 Armies for GA Steal Attempt (Unsuccessful by NewOrder vs ILS)

    The Cow Meta: 5% of the players had a WWK, 3% of the players had a army for GA (5k phal BO steal not included)

    The Arap & Turk Meta: 3% of the players had a WWK, 1% of the players had a army for GA

    ILS: 1% of the players had a WWK

    NewOrder: 15% of the players had a army for GA

    Stats are based on Royal Patato's numbers. Further DN ally added for general numbers, not for armies (I am too lazy to look them up), if you want to ad those armies, just response and I will add them


    Visit me in the troops village next time and you’ll see 😀 you wasted your time to attack cropfields even tough you guys organized an operation with three alliances... Believe me, your success rate was 8/9 but still you lost more than us 😀 now your attackers going to wait more than 10 days to make the same armies but my croplands already done.. So, if you think you guys did a good job, well done then LOL

    You guys lost 99 croplands (let's say level 17 fields) which is 217 mil on resources and 18k clubs with 5k of knights versus a 50k clubs and 11k knights and a 13k sword & 10k TT's (damage done by this is unknown). I would say this is not a big win for Istanbul ally

    For as far I know there is no cooperation between Cow's, LTU and New Order. But I'm not suprised they target the same ally because a lot of people are not happy with the current situation of the Instanbul ally. But a big ally as them should be able to stop those attacks when looking at the number of accounts.

    Hello Travian team,

    I know for questions you need to write tickets etc. but you didn't respond on them.

    At this moment, everyone of comx and I'm sure Travian forum moderators also know, it is widely known there are a lot of accusations of cheating by mainly the Instanbul ally/wings. This is not a attack on them at this moment (I have my opinion, but I want to keep this forum neutral), but I just want to ask for clearence. Daily there are discussions about this and in my opinion this is starting to influence the game too much.

    Can Travian games please make clear what accusements have been checked by Travian games and what the results are. Than everybody can move on. It is now like talking to a brick wall, but the talking will never stop this way. Can we please get a answer of Travian regarding all the accusements.

    Thank you

    The best tip for a beginner is friends. Not real-life friends, but friends on the server. You won't make it alone. Find a nice alliance and find friends. Not one tip will make you a pro, only many tips and experiences will. A (experienced) friend will help you with this and guide you through the game.

    Server com3x