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    Hmm, would be funny to just give gunners back their WW. They are delayed for sure but they compensate with those WWK/WWR (and the WWR are the correct race too) :))) . Verdie

    Gunners just filled the discord with dick picks :) How noble of u. Have one from me :D at 100|100.
    The design is 100% mine. I take great pride in it. We might lose, yes. But we humiliated you beyond our dreams. You should confed Trinity as well.

    Ares did not gain any population for a month now. You are not saying it is managed via Tor but it is. How can it build a hammer?
    Step 1: set all res to auto trade.
    Step 2: log in every 2 days with Tor.
    Step 3: click barracks and stable. Sometimes workshop.

    "I just found out that IP warning is because of jack sparrow used TOO MANY PLATFORMS TO LOGIN TRAVIAN THAT IS JUST A COINCIDENCE i suppose"

    This is particularly dumb. If jacksparow had access to every single account in the server, via a proxy, via tor or whatever else, THEY WOULD STILL NOT ACCESS THE MAIN ACCOUNT FROM THE SAME PROXY. And it would also mean instant ban. Again use your head.

    Do you even hear yourself? "jack is cheating. Ares is real thou. But somehow they got same IP cause I have no clue what I am talking about". Sid down kid.

    oh we already saw same ip warning when Jack sparrow attacked one of ours

    Dont know how it is happend unless jack sparrow using Tor for building techs

    Dont tell me the rules

    You realize mobile networks reuse their IPs constantly thou(aka there is a limited pool of public IPs in a given network at any time)? If you ever raided actively you would see same IP error with random farms.
    And Tor/onion networking does not even work that way. I can give you write ups on that if you would like.
    First of all you straight up imply directly that the account "Ares" (the one Jack ghosted) is managed via Tor. That is on your side.

    But guess the funny part: in order to even be a remote chance for "same IP" from Tor you would need to have JackSparrow also managed from Tor. An account with 3 (previously 4) players that is managed by Tor. Very likely to happen right? Use your head a bit if you are going to make accusations. Even so, the Tor network itself is pretty big. Very slim chances to get same IP twice.

    Hey, I have the discord screenshots of the inside gunners discussion with Boe by the way. Really want me to make all that dirt public?
    Boe spiked indeed (he spiked us as well back then). AS A FORM OF PROTEST FOR BEING FORCED TO SHARE HIS PASSWORD WITH GUNNERS LEADERSHIP.
    Regarding the "rudeness and selfishness" you know very well it goes both ways. For some reason com2 chat is full of dick picks, and they aren't from us :)


    You actually made me create an account. Let's not cry after one OP of 2v1 for TEN. You guys said you have a very smart strategy planned and it will be alright.
    Not to mention GoW was 2v1 for the past 100 days or so. Is the heat too much already? Come on, man up. Server has another 80+ days. You can probably resist 3-4 more OPs like this.


    PS: thanks tonzo for shit talking everybody. We love you, but do not come back :)