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    Will there ever be another 10x server?! I'd be thankful if an admin or GM replies to this thread cuz my friends and I are constantly checking to see another 10x starting announcement, wanted to make sure!

    Thanks in advance. <3

    Well I wasn't sure if I was supposed to post here, but I guess the answer is that they suspected the librarian because the door that he was pointing to was shut and there are books right behind it on the ground, if the thief had escaped from that door, the books wouldn't have been exactly behind it since the door opens to the inside and not the outside.

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    When you wanna farm some of the Oases around you, if its alrdy cleared of troops, don't send all your troops to one of them, divide them to a few grps (for example a grp of 4), then send them to different Oases at the same time, this way they all of them have a chance of bringing back loot, incase some of them have been emptied by someone else before you. ;)

    SpyDa from COM4

    Use all of your Hero points on the Resource Generated by your hero Attribute, it helps you A LOT, specially in the early, since a lvl 2 hero has 12 points you can invest them all in resource, so you'd get either 108 of each resource per hour or 360 of a single one(at lvl 2), which is way more than what your own village is producing hourly, then later on you can use a Book of Wisdom to reset the points and distribute them in other fields :)

    Good luck! :)

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    No matter which race you play, keep on upgrading your barracks in your beginner's protection, since the time reduction is huge on early levels, so you'd hire units faster when you need them, when your shield has ended. ;)

    SpyDa From COM4

    Especially if you are playing as Teutons(cuz they can farm faster, but it definitely works for other races as well), it's way better If you focus on upgrading your main building(to 10 at least) in the beginner's protection duration, in order to reduce your early upgrade times, since it helps a lot by reducing the time for constructions significantly at early stages, if you manage to upgrade your resources simultaneously.

    Good Luck! ^^