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    i agree. Egyptians have the strongest defensive unit. Finding crop is not easy, of course. However, they can be fed with extra production ( their special building ) . Their slaves are very powerful in terms of power / time. Egyptians defenders are also very strong against horsemen ( Resheph horse ) . i think they are inadequate in terms of offense, but they are really strong in defense!

    Too bad for you and your friends.

    Travian closed for registrations to help fix the server issues, which is a good thing.

    Also, please start writing normally on the forum.

    Server is still very bad. We are suffering...

    It will not be opened again.

    In the past, there were no problems in much larger servers. I have friends who want to come and they can't. Travian's problems are endless.

    Hello, when will the recruitment of members of Comx Server be opened? I have friends who want to play and they are waiting for it to open. Can someone authorized answer. Thanks