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    I think that the most important thing during the first few weeks is where you settle second village.

    It doen't matter if you are gold spender or not, you usually have two options - to settle near your starting village or to go somewhere far - usually near WW village or some nice crop. If you want to stay near your home village, be sure to have a sitter or be more active player - there is higher chance that someone will attack you and because all villages are near each other in the middle of the map, the time to come knocking on your door is short. If you want more peacefull game or cannot spent too much time in Travian, settle far from the starting position (I mean literally 20+ hours of your settlers traveling time). The important thing for this strategy is to settle somewhere, where your crop village is the only nice crop village in the 15-20 tiles radius. This way you can be sure no one else will settle on similar crop 10 tiles away and be a risk for the rest of the game...



    Well it's obvious that it is possible to open the door only to the library (indoor). So if the thief left FROM the library, he could not place books after he closed the doors. Therefore the librarian was involved with the theft because he throwed some books on the groud behind the doors so it looked like a fight.

    Good story, keep it going :)