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    There is no such guide, since there are 1000 different ways to build and maintain a 15c.

    If you want to spend the least amount of gold possible, making a npc village next to your cropper would be the best.

    But if you really dont want to spend much gold at all, you are better off going with a regular 6c or 7c as your cap.

    i clearly remember i read one though but nevermind

    the gold i willing to spend on one server are roughly around 3k gold or 2 times 1600 gold top up. thats my limit tbh .
    any tips how to spend wisely ?

    Never saw anything like that, but it depends on your granary capacity, and whether you use a support village as a mini NPC (fill it with granaries and warehouses + trade office and marketplace, and send the cap crop there instead for NPCing).

    thanks mate. i just want the guide back since its already stated how much gold needed for such thing, im not heavy gold user thats why i will plan my gold usage carefully.

    so ive read last year about the consumption of gold for 15c but now i cant find it
    anyone can enlighten me how much gold needed

    the guide was like this from what i remembered

    from crop lvl 9-13 you need to npc 0.5 times for each time

    lvl 14-15 - 1 times npc per field

    so on


    ty in advanced